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FExplorer Pro v2.0 Beta3 symbian

FExplorer Pro v2.0 Beta3

FExplorer Pro Overview
FExplorer Pro is a utility suite for S60 phones. The main feature is of course the astonishing file browser alongside various tools and options that you can use to better manage your phone in general.

File Browser

The file browser is very very extensive and is what made FExplorer so popular to begin with!
It includes everything you will ever need from a file browser similar to windows File Explorer or Total Commander (for Desktop).

Features include (but are not limited to):
  • Searching for files on your phone.
  • Creation/Renaming/Deletion of files and folders.
  • Enter folders that can't be seen on the Nokia phone browser.
  • Three types of file editors (Hex, Binary and Text)
  • Attributes changes on files.
  • Zip(!)
  • Image viewer


With these tools, you can have a lot of your favorite tools all in one place, and it replaces the need to use other 3rd party applications for each of the functions (for instance Screenshot)

a short overview of what each of these tools does:

Screenshot - Similar to the Antony Pranata's Screenshot for S60, this tool allows you to create screenshots of your phone from anywhere on the phone with various options to handle file saving etc...
Backlight - This will turn your e-mail notification light on/off similar to Best Torch for S60. Very handy as it can turn your phone into a flashlight when you most need it smile.gif
Bluetooth manager - This is VERY handy also. It will turn your Bluetooth on/off with a click of a button.
Compress memory - de-fragments memory. You receive the memory available before and after the call to the function too.
Installed applications - more for developers - it generates a file (C:\INSTAPP.TXT) which contains all of the installed applications (by the application manager), their UID and their path.
Dump file list - generates a file (C:\FILESLST.TXT) containing the list of the files and the directory starting at the current possition (current directory)


More options that you have for your phone in FExplorer Pro are shown above.
Here is a short overview of what each function does:

Phone info - this will give you all of the details that can be obtained about your phone like firmware version, IMEI etc...
Restart - restarts the phone.
Network info - gives you all available information that can be obtained about your network like area id, cell id, network name etc...
Media info - gives you full stats on the installed memory card.

What's the NEW:
  • the '5' to toggle tabs works now
  • new icons everywhere
  • in the settings, the save option from the menu doesn't crash; the options (left softkey) has now 'edit' and 'discard' and the right softkey performs a 'save' and 'back'
  • the zip supports from the menu doesn't return an 'only available in pro version'
  • the screenshot hot key is the 'C' key (backspace), the files are saved in \\images\\fe_img
  • in the screenshot, the toggle between phone memory or mmc (to save the files) has been fixed
Download to PC clickshere

Infodev Fitness Tracker java


Infodev Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker is an advanced organizer to keep track and manage your fitness and health.Do you want to stay fit and look your best? Fitness Tracker may be just what you need to succeed. With the Fitness Tracker, you can set objectives, track nutrition and exercise, measure your progress.

Fitness Tracker is the perfect companion to exiting health products and plans. So get started today on a healthier, happier lifestyle with Fitness Tracker!

Fitness Tracker is the most comprehensive diet & exercise assistant available so you get everything you need in one product with affordable price.Fitness Tracker adapts to your needs by allowing you to set goals, enter personal data and create daily entries that track your habits and calories.

You can create new Nutrition and Activity Items for uncommon foods or exercises.Record Daily Entries and Track your Progress.

Create daily Nutrition entries with multiple and/or partial serving sizes. Record weight entries with notes to track your progress with respect to your objective.Calculate daily Totals calories for Nutrition and Exercise values. Display graphs comparing Calories, Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins intake compared to your goals.

All graphs adapt to data you have entered and device screen size to maximize readability. Personalize Settings and Calculate Fitness Ratios.

Select US (lbs & inches) or Metric (kilograms & centimeters) measurements.

Set goals for Weight, Nutrition intake and Calories burned. Enter personal information such as Height, Weight, Gender and Age. Enter Goals that are used to compare actual values in Graphs and Daily Totals.

Any number of entries can be added with user''s choice. Notes are provided separately, which gives more storage for the additional information.

This powerful organizer will keep tracks any numbers of entries at a time, in fact as many as you like.

Professionally and newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry and Easy Viewing.

Key features:

1. Simple and Easy to use.
2. Professionally and newly designed user-interface.
3. Add any number of nutrition and activities.
4. Simple options for updating the value.
5. Novel way of browsing the options.
6. Search by date range is provided.
7. Set the goal for calories.
8. Graph for Calories intake, burned, carbohydrates, protein, fat.
9. Ascending and descending order sorting.
10. All data can be retrieved at any point of time.

Compatiable Devices

BenQ P30, BenQ P31, LG KS10, Motorola A1000, Motorola A920, Motorola A925, Motorola RIZR Z8, Nokia 3230, Nokia 3250, Nokia 3600, Nokia 3620, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 5500, Nokia 5700, Nokia 6110, Nokia 6120, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6290, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6708, Nokia 7610, Nokia 7650, Nokia 7710, Nokia 9200 Series Communicator, Nokia 9210 Communicator, Nokia 9290 Communicator, Nokia 9300, Nokia 9500, Nokia E50, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E61i, Nokia E62, Nokia E65, Nokia E70, Nokia E90, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia N-Gage QD, Nokia N70, Nokia N71, Nokia N72, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N76, Nokia N77, Nokia N80, Nokia N90, Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia N93, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95, Nokia Series 60, Panasonic X700, Panasonic X800, Samsung SGH-i520, SendoX, Siemens SX1, Sony Ericsson M600i, Sony Ericsson P1, Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P910, Sony Ericsson P990, Sony Ericsson W950i

Download to PC clickshere

SnappLife symbian

SnappLife v1.0.3702 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Signed

New desktop and menus for S60!
Download SnappLife to your phone and mobilize your life...
You’ll be connected with live notifications from your favorite
news, sports, finance and friends.
And you’ll have easy access to apps that fit your lifestyle.

SnappLife is a nice application that gives us a new, responsive homescreen for many S60 devices. It features "iPhone like" menu sliding, and customizable widgets on the homescreen. SnappLife is also soon to feature the "Snapp" store, which will give us access to more widgets and applications developer for our phones.

You can easily choose which applications you want on your applications list, and which you don't, although a small downside is that the widgets that come with the application cannot be removed, and you can't move them either. So far, so good. I have three menus with my applications on, and just by touching the apps section, I can quickly slide my finger across to see the nice UI built in and see the next grid of applications available.

Download to PC clicksHere

BOLT v1.04 S60v5 Java

BOLT v1.04 S60v5 J2ME

Full PC-style browsing on all types of mobile phones
Web content is never reformatted, repurposed or removed
Loads pages faster than competing mobile browsers
Patented navigation and display technologies get you where youre going faster
23:1 over the air data reduction speeds delivery of pages to your phone
Consumes 1/3 of the battery power of other mobile browsers

Bitstream, the makers of ThunderHawk mobile browser for Windows Mobile, has released the private beta of their free WebKit-based mobile browser, BOLT, for Java J2ME/MIDP 2.0 compatible mobile devices. It offers full PC style browsing similiar to SkyFire mobile browser. However, unlike Skyfire, which is compatible only with Windows Mobile and Symbian devices, BOLT supports a lot many devices due to support for Java.

Key features of BitStream BOLT include:

- WebKit based rendering engine
- WebPages are compressed at a rate of 23:1
- ECMA Script 262 JavaScript support for Web site forms, applications and other information
- View AJAX pages that are written using ECMA-262/JavaScript 1.5 standard
- Supports WAP 1.x content WML, and WAP 2.x content XHTML-MP with WCSS and ECMAScript-MP
- Automatic detection for RSS feeds
- Supports streaming Flash videos
- Split screen browsing - 2/3 of the screen shows the full page, serving as a mini-map with a highlighting box, while the other 1/3 shows the magnified area
- URL auto-complete
- Detect phone numbers for Click to Call

Change Log :

* Enhanced Favorites management – rearrange your Favorite entries using the 'Grab' feature
* Ability to disable images in Web pages for even faster page load speeds and reduced data cost
* Cyrillic language and font support, including extensible server-based language pack support
* Inline text entry. This means you can type text directly into Web forms and Web pages.
* Support for copy-paste
* Rich text rendering with support for Bold and Italic text formatting
* Support for Socket transfer protocol
* Automatic detection of device security capabilities; HTTPS is disabled and BOLTs lightweight encryption is used if the device does not support HTTPS security mechanism
* Page information dialog to view detailed information on the Web page you are viewing
* Built-in bug reporting dialog in BOLT help
* Non JSR-75 Build for BB platforms
* A new RSS list dialog that categorizes feeds for easy viewing
* Enhanced inline frame scrolling
* BlackBerry-specific settings confirmation improvement for Preferences page
* Improved split-screen rendering that utilizes faster and more optimized scaling algorithms
* Improved support for file upload feature
* Improved one click BOLT dialog scrolling
* Improved page Stop feature
* Improved page load speeds

Download to PC here

FingerPrint Scanner for 5800 & N97! symbian

FingerPrint Scanner for 5800 & N97!

Using your fingerprint to unlock your phone, this is just a simulation for fun!

How To Use:
When the FingerPrint screen pops up, you need to touch your finger to the screen to be "scanned" for your identity, there will be vibration and beep sounds during the scan. The phone will be unlocked not depend on whose finger it is, but on how many beeps or vibrations since your finger touch the screen Wink

Play the trick with your friends:
Unlock Condition (times) - Beep/Vibrate times to unlock

- if you set it to 0, once your finger is removed, the phone will be unlocked!
- if you set it to 3, remove your finger after hearing 3 beeps or the phone vibrate for 3 times, the phone will beunlocked! Otherwise, an "Access Denied" red box will be displayed Wink

Download to PC here(trial version only)

Flasher v1.0 java

Flasher v1.0 java

The app takes your text, and rapidly FLASHES it out, symbol by symbol, using the screen of your mobile.
The symbols are of size of the screen, easily visible at 50m.
Best places to use - night streets, clubs, cinemas, discos, rock concerts, and out-of-the-window of any moving vehicles (not driving same time, of course).
You can tell the app that you want to swing the phone from side to side, and it will vibrate when you need to change the direction, so just get in sync with it!
Have fun, activate the hidden features!
Word of caution: if you have an epileptic condition - please, do not take the risk.

Download to PC clickshere

Warelex Mobiola Web Camera symbian

Warelex Mobiola Web Camera v3.0.15
S60 3rd for Win 2K/XP

Turn your camera phone into a high quality wireless (WiFi or Bluetooth) or wired (USB) web camera.

Whenever you need a high-quality web camera, just take your symbian phone from a pocket! With Mobiola Web Camera software you can throw away your bulky USB webcam. It works with most windows applications and online services, very simple to install and easy to use.

Main Features:

- Transforms your mobile phone into high-quality PC webcamera.
- Works through WiFi (NEW!), Bluetooth or USB.
- Screen Capture functionality, when device screen can be demonstrated on PC real-time.
- Cool video effects, to have fun with your friends. - NEW!
- Works with Skype, Yahoo, YouTube, MSN, AOL IM, ICQ and many others.
- Compatible with Windows XP/2000.

Carry your webcam with you wherever you go and connect it to your laptop at anytime. Try it now!

Compatible devices
RIM Blackberry Any Blackberry devices equipped with camera
Windows Mobile Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices equipped with camera
including Smartphones
Nokia 6600, 6620, 7610, 6630, 6670, 6260,6680, 6681, 6682, 3230, N70,
N90, 3250, 5500, E50, E51, E65, E70, E90, N71, N73, N76, N80, N81, N82, N91,
N92, N93, N93i, N95, N96
Sony-Ericsson P1i, P990, M600, W950, W960, P800, P900, P910, P990, G700, G900
Motorola Z8, Z10

Instructions :

Install to your pc the mobiolawebcam3_wl_s60v3.exe
Copy/paste the webcam.exe (included in the rar file) to the program directory
Install the webcam_s60_v_3_0.sis to your mobile

Download to PC clickshere
Other Mirror PC clickslink

Merriam Webster’s Medical dictionary symbian

Merriam Webster’s Medical dictionary
for Nokia OS9.1(S60 V.3)

Dictionary database is powered by Merriam-Webster Inc. English Medical dictionary contains 35,000 entries. Your comprehensive guide to the essential language of medicine. Covers brand names and generic equivalents of common drugs. Merriam-Webster Medical dictionary for S60 3rd Edition is the most comprehensive guide to the essential language of medicine containing the high-quality dictionary databases from Merriam-Webster America's leading and most distinguished language reference publisher with 39,000+ entries and 59,000+ words definitions and covers brand names and generic equivalents of common drugs.

How to install:

1-one way is to unzip the folder and just install it,then enter the serial number. 2-another way is to use the second POST prc folder,which is the extracted form: E or F/resource/apps/slovoeddictsweb,and pste it there.then simply enter the serial number.

Enjoy it

Download to PC clickshere

this is the PRC file.just paste in into the directory
Download to PC clickshere

My Keylock v1.1.2 symbian new version

My Keylock v1.1.2 symbian new version

The program is to lock keyboard with the functions of blocking, the possibility to lock and to unblock with agitation. So it is possible to dispose sound with unlocking and lockings of telephone Keypad

What's the New:
Add sensitivity settings in "distance sensor"
Add "anti-theft tips open sound" setting
"Alarm level" adjustments off completely independent from other effects
Replace the alarm sound
Resolve calls at the time of open anti-theft problem

Download to PC here

PAC-MAN Championship HD version Java

PAC-MAN Championship Edition by Namco

The most famous game of all time is back in a completely updated version. HD graphics, 6 new game modes and online ranking constantly updated. A race against time eating the PAC-dots and avoiding Fantasmino. Among the many news there are a maze in the dark, a version and a super lairinto changing shape.

Download to PC clickshere
(nokia E71)
Download to PC clickshere (nokia 73)
Download to PC clickshere (nokia 80)
Download to PC clickshere (nokia 95)

Clickgamer Eggstreme 3

Clickgamer Eggstreme 3
All versions .v1.10.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1

Description :

Gear up for the challenge of the century with Eggstreme - Sizzler Supremacy. The Eggs have finally got it right this year...

The Eggs have always been a civil race. Easy going and law abiding (although known to crack under pressure occasionally). But this Easter, things are going to change...

The Eggatrons have invaded to establish a new order. Help the Eggs fight back - to reach supremacy - to restore their position in the albumen. All Eggs, black, white, small, big, dotted and even slightly cracked will have to unite to combat this evil. Your fellow yolks need you in the scrambling sizzle that has erupted.

The adventure has just begun.
Download to PC clickshere (320x240)
Download to PC clickshere ( 176x208)
Download to PC clickshere ( 240x 320)

Go Browser V1.00 symbian

Go Browser V1.00 [Chinese][disk E] - Best web browser program

1. Handset to achieve WWW / WAP browsing, and can automatically enter the complete URL, reducing the number of keys
2. Advanced high-performance compression algorithms server to ensure that the effect of the browser to download at the same time reducing traffic; GO browser compared with similar products, browse to a maximum rate of 94 percent raise, the highest network traffic can save 32%
3. Full-screen browsing, the page with the magnificent three-dimensional fluid dynamic effects
4. Support multi-window browsing, and visualization of full-page preview and selection;
5. High-speed downloads, support for HTTP, easily download large files to support the download manager can open the file after the download is complete
6. To support the international expansion of the popular functions of Widget applications, the stock market, weather, constellations, headline news, such as the rapid application of a master information faster;
7. Support multi-media advertising mobile phones for the first time in support of the real dynamic interactive multi-media advertising; users and Mao in Pictures ad content under the guidance of real-time website click to enter
8. Advanced computing for ARM cores support the real three-dimensional interface technology and highly efficient and stable operation of mobile phones in the mainstream;
9. Truetype font support for a variety of vector, cell phones unprecedented feeling fine, a perfect show any web page!
10. Support Cookies, xhtml 1.0, css 3.0, dom level 3, ecmascript 1.5 mainstream technology, such as;
11. In support of browser history and browser based on detailed date, time, title, URL location and selection of records;
12. Support for bookmarks management, and can easily edit and import and export;
Font size 13, in support of custom switches and links are underlined;
14. To support a variety of mobile platforms, including Symbian, J2ME, Windows Mobile
15. Unique curved design of dynamic menu, lively and vivid use, application to users unprecedented experience;
16. Support for custom themes and background pictures, small browser also personalized;
17. To support tabbed browsing, large pages are also easy to browse, not burst memory no longer wait,
18. To support the client-side cache, when to return to previous page without re-download the content;
19. To support a variety of access points (cmwap / cmnet / wifi, etc.) and the Direct Connect / Agent connection
20. Built-national weather forecasts, with the aid of diagrams.

Compatible with n3250,5500,E50,E60,E61,E90,N71,N73,N80,N82,N91,N92,N93,N95,N85,N96

Download to PC clickshere

nLighter symbian

nLighter symbian S60v5

Name:  Scr001011.jpg Views: 520 Size:  51.7 KB

Name:  Scr001012.jpg Views: 524 Size:  44.8 KB

Name:  Scr001013.jpg Views: 525 Size:  56.4 KB

Yet another useless app, from the kind we all love.

This is nLighter v1.5

How to use;
* Press the lighter lid to open
* Press lighter button to start flame
* Press lighter lid again to close

Exit button is included as always.

Download to PC clickshere

Folder Play symbian

Folder Play 1.00 s60v5
Folder Player

Player for music files, folder location by style file browser.

Download to PC clickshere

Tribute to Michael Jackson

My Keylock v1.11 new version

My Keylock v1.1.1

The program is to lock keyboard with the functions of blocking, the possibility to lock and to unblock with agitation. So it is possible to dispose sound with unlocking and lockings of telephone Keypad

What's the New:
Use "unlock sound" as alarm sound for anti-theft

Download to PC clickshere

QuickOffice Premier Upgrade symbian


The Most Powerful & Complete Mobile Office Suite Available.

Our award-winning Quickoffice Premier is the only mobile solution available to View, Edit & Create native Microsoft® Office 2007 documents on S60 3rd Edition devices. Unlock the full potential of your smartphone and turn your device into a powerful mobile office. Document integrity is preserved with no data loss, so you can confidently edit and exchange Office files between your smartphone and desktop.Quickoffice Premier is the essential office productivity application for mobile professionals, business, education and individuals.


View & Edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint attachments on your device.
Create & Save new Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your device.
Retain file formats with no data loss.
Easy, intuitive desktop look and feel.
Advanced folder and file management capabilities.
Support for complex formulas.
Complete graphical editing.
Advanced editing of text, lists, tables, style, and formatting.
Free spell check dictionaries in multiple languages.
Add images to Word and PowerPoint.
Advanced email integration with Mail for Exchange.


Microsoft phone version support: 97, 2000, XP, 2003, & 2007
Compatible with all Symbian S60 3rd Edition Devices


Unzip,unrar,install and enjoy

For installing unsigned application please refer to the note
which included inside the tools folder

Note: when you start the app for first time it will ask you to register your e-mail to receive updates click on"DO not register"

Download to PC clickshere

Anti Mosquito 3rd symbian

Anti Mosquito 3rd symbian

Anti the mosquito ,dog, insect, small animals,Shall drive it the away fast. Simple to use and useful.


Download to PC Clickshere
Download to PC clickshere

Audials Mobile v2.0.40

Audials Mobile v2.0.40 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Signed


With more than 70000 artists and 80 genres, there is something for everybody!

Audials Mobile allows you to download the best MP3 music the Internet has to offer from the newest generation of social radio stations.

It is like taking candy from a baby! With Audials Mobile, your cell phone will be bursting at the seems with the latest pop, rock, rap, hip hop, metal, electro, trance, techno and music from many other genres as well as the latest hits from the charts.

How do I get my music?

Simply search according to genre or artist. When searching according to genre, the most popular artists in the given genre will be displayed first. Then the MP3 songs from a selected artist will be displayed that can be recorded and downloaded from social radio stations.

What do I need for Audials Mobile?

You can download the Audials Mobile free edition without having to register it. Then install the miniscule software on your cellphone. You do not need any further software and no cable is needed to dub your music.

How does Audials Mobile work?

While at home, you can make yourself comfortable on the couch and by simply using your WLAN you can download music to your cell phone from web radio stations with all the annoying ads and talk. Either search for a particular artist or in a particular genreto see all sorts of available hits that can be downloaded from social radio stations. You can use Audials Mobile while you are on the go with the UMTS flat rate. Simply put, Audials Mobile is the software for unlimited music without subscription fees. With Audials Mobile, you will never have to pay for music again!
The user plug-in community gives you the absolute best radio stationsAudials Mobile fans are giving back and giving you the chance to get even more social web radio stations with plug-ins availablein the community. The plug-ins dont cost a thing and give you all the music you can handle.

P.S : in zip file there is a plugin file,send it to memory card and then at program menu click to search&record plugins and then click to add plugin,after these choose "AudialsPluginPack_20090617.aplp" file from where you copy in memory card.This plugin will make faster searching option.

Download here

Time Machine symbian

Time Machine symbian

New version for TImeMAchine!!!!

He says (the author)

I've been searching a descent timer/countdown timer but never found one. So I made this with Flash.

--- UPDATE 11.5.2009. ---
Thank you all for your comments. I'll try to remember them when I make the next version.

I made just some minor changes to version 1.01. Now you can change numbers just by sweeping them up or down.
And I think you should remove the old version first. At least I had some problems installing this new one. Sorry about that...

--- UPDATE 25.5.2009 ---

Hi, new version 1.03 featuring *The Settings*. Now you can change:

- alarm tone, there's original ringing sound and... well, "modern" beep
- alarm volume (there's still some problems with flash and sound volume, I can't turn the phone louder from the buttons on the side of the phone, I would appreciate if someone could help me with that. Or is my phone broken...?)
- alarm style, now you can choose if it rings only once or forever. That's 50 times actually, but it feels forever. Stop it by pressing Stop button...

Download to PC clickshere

PhonePhreak SmartLight Automatic Backlight

PhonePhreak SmartLight Automatic Backlight v1.70

Do you find your phone's built-in Notification Light feature for missed messages/calls actually quite hard to notice? Then LightSignalPlus is just what you need: LightSignalPlus makes all three keys flash every 2 seconds whenever there has been an sms or a call.

LightSignalPlus replaces the built-in 'Notification Light' feature: As long as you have unattended messages or calls, the keys will light up every 2 seconds for 1 second. Once you have viewed the message or call, the blinking will switch off.

LightSignalPlus has been designed to have the keys blink only when it makes sense. I.e. when a message arrives while you are currently in an app, LightSignalPlus assumes that you have taken notice, so the keys will not blink. LightSignalPlus activates the blinking only when there are no app windows open

Download to PC clickshere

Sms Preview

Sms Preview v1.00.01

Now you can instantly preview incoming SMS messages to see what is sent and who has sent it when the message arrives without a single click!
* Save time and effort by not having to navigate to your message folder for those SMS messages that are not important.
* No more worrying about those nagging "New Message" notifications and wondering what it is about.
* See message previews permanently on the screen until you click, or for 30 seconds and then it disappears, the choice is yours.
* The best part it´s FREE! Seriously.

Download to PC clickshere

Fun Software Solutions SMS and MMS.Diary

Fun.Software.Solutions.SMS.and.MMS.Diary.v1.0.5.S6 0v3.SymbianOS9.1

The SMS & MMS Diary program is undoubtedly the fastest message viewer in the world! Some people claims that IPhone has the fastest and best user interface for list boxes mobile phones with the support for "flick-scroll" etc. However, we claim that the SMS & MMS Diary program is even faster and better! Download your copy today and try it out yourself!
Use SMS & MMS Diary as your message reader
As you will find when you try the program, the SMS & MMS Diary program can not only be used to create diaries from your messages. It can also be used to view your messages in a simple and extremely fast way (in your phone). Your messages are displayed in a "chat-like" way and hence it is very easy to follow your message conversations with your friends. Messages that you have sent are displayed right-aligned and messages that you have received are displayed left-aligned. Try it and compare with the speed and usability of your built in message viewer. The image below is a screenshot of the program.

Create a Diary from your messages

However, one important feature of the SMS & MMS Diary program is that you can create an SMS and MMS Diary from all your messages. When you create such a diary, the program will create three web pages (a web page is an HTML file. Such files are displyed best in an Internet browser but you can also open them in, for instance,Microsoftword. The three pages that are created consists of the following: 1) one page with a table of contents and statistics on how many messages you have sent and received, 2) one page that lists all your messages sorted by date and 3) one page that lists all messages sorted by name. The web pages are saved on the memory card in your phone and after the diary has been created you can transfer the web-pages to your pc and store them for future use.

Download to PC clickshere



Here is the two latest version of x-plore fully modified with TOUCH STYLE ICON...in version 1.30 some icons like bluetooth icons and some symbols has been modified to iPhone style icon..THESE versions are eye catching, and looks very cool...all the credit goes to biggzy and for bluetooth icon and iphone style symbol suvomania..

Screenshots of n82 X-plore

Download to PC clickshere (X-plore Touch1.31.zip)
Download to PC clickshere (X-plore TouchNiphone1.30.zip)


GENSNET N82Smart v1.09 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned

System settings:

"Minimize on start (s)" - through how much move program after start (sec)
"BT auto off (s)" - timeout auto unhooking bluetooth (sec)
"Autolock" - autolock keys when enabling the ScreenSaver, output from blocking two times "#"
"Use 2 # press to unlock" - use double striking "#" for unlocking
"High Front Priority" - is included for correct functioning(working) the ScreenSaver (be over all
"Language switcher" - a switch of the language, ABC + "*"
"Lang key ABC only"- switch language on long press ABC key (1 sec)
"Lang. mess.time (ms)" - duration of the showing the message of the selected language of the entering

The telephone settings:

"Desktop active on ring" - actuate desktop at answer to coming bell. Without this options, smartphone actuates application active before bell.
"Do phone volume up" - Enlarge loudness when installing tel. join
"Volume down count" - on how much reduce loudness in radio and at talk on striking ABC
"Volume up count" - on how much enlarge loudness, 0 - not to enlarge, 10 - a maximum

ScreenSaver settings:

"SS enable" - an enabling the ScreenSaver
"SS analog clock" - an analog watch on ScreenSaver
"SS timeout (min)" - ScreenSaver's timeout
"SS Invert/Normal" - invert colour of the ScreenSaver
"SS detect activ.(ICQ)" - not to include ScreenSaver on MobileICQ
"Disable standart SS" - on/off. standard ScreenSaver (killing standart saver's process, is required restart phone)

Applications settings:
"0 key launch Opera" - start Opera on long striking "0" on worker table
"Launch Opera mini" - start Mini Opera

MM keys Settings:
"MP3 key capture" - use the MM a key. It Is Required rerun of the body, after installing in condition "Off"
"MP3 key to Radio" - if already uncared-for Visual Radio, that actuates on striking MM without ABC

MP3 mode (for unhooking подсветки telephone falls into lock mode, but control is saved while incomplete):
"Auto set MP3 mode" - automatically fall into mode MP3 Mode (without backlight) on ScreenSaver's timeout

Note : Fixed Register

Download to PC clickshere

NEW BBC Iplayer for Symbian

NEW BBC Iplayer for Symbian s60v3 & v5 [23/06/2009]
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BBC iPlayer is an application which allows users to download or stream live TV and radio programmes from bbc.co.uk to their mobile phones

BBC iPlayer is only available in the UK.

The two zip files contain versions for S60v3 and S60v5 (e.g. Nokia 5800)

Happy viewing!

This S60v3 version is a .sis file, and not a .jar like the older versions and works without problems on the N95, however they labeled it v. 1.00 for some reason.Maybe because the older 1.6 version was only officially available for the N96.

download here (bbc iplayer s60v3)
download here (iplayer 5800)

SkyForce Reloaded symbian

SkyForce Reloaded symbian


SkyForce Reloaded v1.00c


For Nokia 3250, 5500, N80, N91, E60, E70

Download to PC Clickshere
Download to PC Clickshere


For Nokia N71, N73, N75, N76, N77, N92, N93, N93i, N95, E50, E65

Download to PC Clickshere
Download to PC Clickshere


For nokia E61, E61i, E62

Download to PC Clickshere
Download to PC Clickshere

FOR Infinite Dreams Skyforce NEW VERSION 1.32 CLICK HERE

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