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Connect4 Touch v1.0 Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games

Connect4 Touch v1.0
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games

This single or two-player game is a classic! The players drop coloured discs into a grid. The objective of this game is to connect four same-coloured discs in a row, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Download to PC clicksfile

WWE Smack Down Vs. Raw 2009 Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games

WWE Smack Down Vs. Raw 2009
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games

Smack Down VS RAW 2009 - separately are good! Together, you are unstoppable! WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 improves the franchise with more blows, counterattacks and a simple control system that makes it the only wrestling game you need on your mobile. You can play or fight with the biggest superstars of the 3 brands of WWE (Smackdown, RAW and ECW), with wrestlers like Undertaker, Batista, Edge, John Cena, Randy Orton and CM Punk.


Download to PC Clickshere

Liero on symbian

Liero S60v3

I reckon that most of you know this game. For those who missed Liero look here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liero

Now it's available for our smartphones
Requirements are really low, game runs at full speed with high quality sound.
This piece of software was ported by our precious AnotherGuest - Swedish genius


Controls are configurable, possible in-game actions are:
  • Aim up
    aim down
    Move left
    Move right
    Weapon change
    Fire a grappling hook

TIP: If you are owner of hacked N95 use MagicKeys and assign jump, weapon change, dig and grappling hook keys to
4 multimedia keys and fire to camera button. Then you can move worm with one thumb(d-pad), make actions with second thumb(multimedia keys)
and fire weapons with index finger(camera button). This keys layout gives best gameplay experience. For others I advice
BT keyboard

On the sdl side there are few options known from other AG's apps:
  • Accept call button + 2 - Screen rotation
    Accept call button + 4 - Screen stretching
    Accept call button + up/down arrow - Volume control

Warning: You mustn't map same keys to both players as it can cause errors, be sure that both players have completely
different keys assigned.

What else is worth to know:

You can play versus AI or real opponent if you have BT keyboard.

If Liero refuses to start it means that you need pips libraries installed... Download it and install then.
Libraries in version 1.2(important!) are neccessary if you want to use BT keyboard.

You can add custom levels and mods to game. Just copy their content to "Liero" folder on your memory card(You need to create such folder)

Download to PC clickshere

New Opera Mini 4.2.14881 Greek-International with custom icon

New Opera Mini 4.2.14881
Greek-International with custom icon

Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] App

Here is the new version of Opera Mini, internal release date 27/7/09, with custom icon. I modded two versions, the greek and the international english.

Download to PC clickshere (english)
other file ( greek)

Quick Search Widget Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Quick Search Widget
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Q Search" (Q for Quick), and it's simply a search-page launcher - but one that's optimized for the least number of clicks from the home page of the phone.

It can be installed as a "Home Screen Widget" if you have an N97, or launched from the quick-bar or icon like any other app. It immediately prompts you (using an ugly Javascript prompt dialog, sadly) for your search query, then you enter some text hit OK and BAM, you're connecting to the web for your results.

added in some "shortcuts" which let you search Google (g), Wikipedia (w), YouTube (v), Google Images (i), Twitter (t) and Definr dictionary (d) by entering the letter with a space before the search text. And when you're done, you close the web page, the widget automatically closes itself as well

Download to PC clickshere

ThinkChange VibrateCall v1.03 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned

ThinkChange VibrateCall v1.03 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4

Usual Way of making a call: Dial the number Place the phone to your ear to wait for person on the other line to answer. Talk when connected
With VibrateCall: Dial the number, hold phone on your hand. Phone will vibrate awaiting for person on the other line to pick up. Phone stop vibrating when call is connected. Place phone to ear to talk.
Why use VibrateCall?
Safer : "Radiation emission by a mobile phone when a call is connected is found to be as much as 20 times the level during a call" Easier : You don't need to stick your phone to your ear when calling somebody, just hold the phone in your hand, you will know exactly when the call is answered.

How it works: When you are making the call, you mobile phone will keep vibrating. After the call is answered (or after a time-out), it stops vibrating. To make it easy for drivers, you can also dial a call with the loudspeaker on!!

Phones Supported:5800,N97

Download to PC clickshere

Handwriting Calculator v 1.0 Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

here app works great on my nokia 5800 XM you need to install it to see it... its very easy the program and nice ....

Handwriting Calculator is a showcase of Nokia’s new handwriting recognition technology. It allows you to calculate handwritten math expressions with a touch-screen Nokia device (and with a windows PC).

Compatibility and system requirements
S60, Maemo, and Windows.

The S60 version is tested on Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and should work on all Nokia touch devices based on S60 5th Edition.
The Maemo version is tested on Nokia N800 and N810, and should work on all Nokia internet tablet devices with OS2008 software.
The PC version is tested on windows xp sp2 and Vista. It should work on all recent compatible PC with no special requirement on hardware

Download to PC clickfile

[G@meloft] Paris Nights (S60v3 ENG)

Paris Nights

Welcome, mon ami, to Paris! This is the international top fantasy destination, where all your dreams may come true. Experience the City of Lights in a unique way, as no one has before. Meet past and present French personalities as you explore the most famous places in the world, such as the Eiffel Tower, the prestigious Champs-Elysees Avenue, and many more. Start a new life in a timeless adventure full of ups and downs, but the French joy of life will offer you the chance to find true love, embrace a promising career, and experience legendary encounters.
Bon voyage!

Make all your dreams come true in Paris! Live exciting adventures, find true love, and reach success in a social sim game for mobile phones

Download to PC Clickshere

Robinson Crusoe: Shipwrecked

Robinson Crusoe: Shipwrecked
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games

Robinson is the only survivor of Amber Queen, sank during a storm. Is found abandoned on a desert island. Repel the limits of survival, manage hunger, thirst and fatigue to the rhythm of the tides. Collect items flowed along the coast to build a shelter and make clothes to cover. Take, fishing and hunting to obtain food. Finally, explore the island and discover the secrets that will allow you to escape

Download to PC file (n95)
other clickshere (e71)
file (n73)

Elements Touch v1.0 Periodic Table for nokia symbian

Displays the Periodic Table of Elements on the go. Click on element and information of the element is displayed.

Download to PC file

Counter Touch v1.0 nokia symbian

Counter Touch counts anything with ease. It is great for ticket takers, keeping track of attendance and anything that requires counting.

Download to PC file

WeROK WeFi v1.06 Build 10 (WiFi Scanner)

WeROK is an amazing free to use, advertising-funded, mobile/web converged services application. WeROK automatically scans for Wi-Fi hotspots and logs onto the strongest free-access hotspot within range, enabling the user to utilise a variety of web-enabled services contained within the application such as free Mobile TV, free mobile email and low-cost text services as well as surfing the internet on their mobile phones free of charge

Download to PC file

iSearch - a web search launcher for S60 5th Edition

iSearch - a web search launcher for S60 5th Edition
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

and feel free to donate if you like the widget


iSearch speeds up the task of searching for stuff on the mighty Internet. Type a word to search for and click the service of your choice and the widget launches the phone’s browser and loads the result. The widget remembers the last thing that you searched for and displays it in the text box when you start the widget next time.

TIP! To make searching even faster you can set one of the services as default so that when you hit the ‘Enter’ key on the keyboard the widget launches the search right away. You set the default by clicking the ‘Enter’ symbol on the right end of the buttons.


Quickly launch searches for

•web sites google, bing
•images google, flickr
•video youtube
•tweets twitter
•facts wikipedia
•dictionary definr
•more services will be added according to users wishes


•N97 homescreen support – just a big button, a limitation of the homescreen
•remembers the last search
•user definable default service

Have tried on my 58000 V30 and it works like a charm!!!!!
Have fun!!!!!

29/07: minor update: autoclose option (V1.1)

Download to PC file

GLBenchmark - v.1.03 nokia symbian

GLBenchmark - v.1.03

Need to be registered here in order to see your results.
This program for benchmarking your phone (symbian os 9.4 phone). Tested on 5800XM.

More info:

GLBenchmark 1.0, the high performance mobile benchmark for OpenGL ES 1.0 and 1.1 environments contains:

GLBenchmark Pro ES 1.0 and 1.1

Complex T-Rex fight gaming scene
Powerful real-time rendering techniques like shadows, particles, skinning, etc
OpenGL ES 1.0 compatibility mode
Supports Brew, Linux, Symbian, windows platforms

GLBenchmark HD ES 1.0 and 1.1, the OpenGL ES port of JBenchmark HD

Uses absolutely the same graphical scene and resources as JBenchmark HD
Side-by-side comparison of Java (M3G) and native OpenGL ES performance made easy
OpenGL ES 1.1 and 1.0 compatibility mode
Supports Brew, Linux, Symbian, Windows Mobile platforms

CPU tests

Floating point performance
Integer performance

Low level 3D performance tests

Rendering quality
Triangle throughput

System information

OpenGL ES environment
EGL environment
CPU vendor, clock rate and architecture
OS platform, vendor and version

Download to PC file
other clickshere

Apps that work with the Samsung i8910 HD (Omnia HD)

This thread is to help members who have the new i8910 HD and what apps work well with it.

I will test apps and put them in a list here.

NDrive s60v5 3.4.23
Sygic Mobile s60v5 7.71
Google Maps s60v5
Accuweather s60v5
Y-Browser s60v5
SPB TV s60v5
SPB Brain Evolution s60v5
Free Signer s60v5

Nokia Sportstracker
Facebook application (search around for the version that works on the i8910, unfortunately not working that well - freezes relatively often)
Nokia Messaging
Nokia Maps
Garmin Mobile XT
Platinum Sudoku
Nokia Photobrowser
Opera Mini
Google Maps
Chromatic Tuner
Youtube (official app, same bugs present as on 5800)
Psiloc world traveller
Hany Taskman
Bt Switch
X-plore v1.31
System Seven
Handy Taskman
Step Counter
Nokia Messaging
Nokia Photobrowser---runs really slow though

More to be added as and when I test them.

Do a search in my blog to look for item u want

MobiFun Soft Remind Me v3.53 S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned

MobiFun Soft Remind Me v3.53 S60v3 S60v5
SymbianOS9.x Unsigned

Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Remind Me will make sure you know for all missed calls, new emails or text messages. Sound, vibration and /or light will impact your senses and catch your attention , so that you don’t miss an opportunity.
No need to check the phone every minute. Irreplaceable for professionals working on call. There is a possibility to choose Alert Tone and Volume for each event.
You can select the Profiles in which Remind Me will be active, so when you are having an important meeting it won’t disturb you.

What New Version 3.53
  • improved support for Nokia N97, Nokia 5530 XpressMusic and Samsung SGH-i8910
  • improved support for Profimail version 3.51
Download to PC file

WebGate SMS Spam Manager v1.12.182.S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned nokia

WebGate SMS Spam Manager v1.12.182.
S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned

No more unwanted messages and SMS Spam!

With SMS Spam Manager you can effectively filter all your incoming SMS messages. SMS Spam Manager stops the junk and unwanted messages.

There are 6 different types of filters to block unwanted SMS. You have the freedom to choose whether to reject all incoming messages or to accept messages only from people listed in your phonebook. You can also choose to block incoming SMS messages from a defined phone number, from a defined prefix number and even messages that contain a defined phrase.

With SMS Spam Manager you can tune your phone with 4 different modes and choose among 6 different filters to block junk and unwanted SMS messages:

Accept all (inactive) - the phone will accept all incoming SMS messages.
Block all - the phone will block all incoming SMS messages.
Accept phonebook only - the phone will accept incoming SMS messages only from people listed in your phonebook.
Block from black list rules - the phone will block the incoming SMS messages, which meet at least one of the rules listed below.

Block from black list rules option allows you to filter and block incoming SMS messages in three different ways, choosing one of the three black list rules:

Telephone number - all messages coming from a defined phone number will be blocked.
Prefix number - all messages coming from a defined prefix number will be blocked.
Text match - all messages that contain a defined phrase will be blocked.

You can check all blocked messages anytime, as they are kept in "Blocked SMS log" and restore them into your SMS Inbox if needed. You can also easily check the number of messages rejected and accepted since SMS Spam Manager has been started

Download to PC file

Des Chiffres et Des Lettres (S60v3 FR) retail

Des Chiffres et Des Lettres

Find the famous TV game on your mobile! Everything that makes the success of the show is faithfully reproduced in this game, where you can play the account is good and the longest word with Romejko Lawrence and his associates. With over 80 000 different words to find all stages of the game, such as duels and one in another, you will find full the game, TV.

Global Fun: Absolute Twin Blade (3250 N80) ML Retail

Global Fun: Absolute Twin Blade
(3250 N80) ML Retail

“We are under attack!! Alien wormholes have started appearing all over the galaxy and are spewing unidentified alien matter everywhere! We are unsure of the exact nature of the alien matter, it could be a weapon to wage war on us or just their way of disposing of garbage - But one thing is certain, it must be stopped!
Captain, you are our only hope! Use the power of the spinning Absolute Twin Blades to battle the alien threat and their devious boss machines!”

Key Brand Strengths:
- Over 50 levels with 6 unique bosses.
- Many special power-ups.
- Special game rules for each planet provide new challenges by altering the gameplay.

Download to PC file (n80)
other file clickshere (n3250)

Marble Maze for (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Marble Maze is a labyrinth game that utilizes the orientation sensor built inside the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. In this game you control a ball in a labyrinth by tilting the device in your hands and lead the ball into a goal.

Currently there are 40 different labyrinths to solve, and 3 different types of balls: a metal ball, a rubber ball, and a super pingpong ball. In this super addictive game you can advance from simple to the more difficult levels requiring skill, accuracy, and determination to hit the high scores.

(s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Download to PC clickshere

Mobile Download Accelerator S60v3 S60v5

Mobile Download Accelerator S60v3 S60v5
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Mobile Download Accelerator is a wirelessterminal high-speed download client platform, especially designed to enhance mobile users downloading experience by providing easy-to-use, speedy and effective access to mobile value-added content.

The Software is developed with most advanced technology, and provide functionalities including content preview, seamless connection site, resuming broken session, multi-threading, parallel multi-point transmission, P2P download, intelligent parcel technology and file compression; file management, anti-virus.

Keep mobile users away from slow connection and cut-off midway from downloading.
1000Chi also offers integrated wireless value added contents, with updated graphics, audio, books, magazines, mobile games. Enjoy the incredible access to any contents and the high-speed fluid download just like the running down water fall.

Download to PC here

Shrek Party TM by Gameloft

Shrek Party TM by Gameloft

Once upon a time, Shrek finally found his Happily Ever After back home in the swamp… but not for long! Far Far Away's Fairy Tale Villains have fallen under a Humbug Spell, and they are determined to ruin every single holiday for Shrek and his friends. Play as Shrek, Donkey, Puss In Boots and Gingy to save the seasonal celebrations. Mend broken hearts on Valentine's Day! Scare up tricks and treats on Halloween night! Bring cheer (and gifts!) back to Christmas! Resolve to save New Year's Eve in the big finale!

The evergreen Shrek returns with all his friends in a hilarious adventure celebrating all the biggest holidays!

Download to PC Clickshere
Alternate to PC file

Bikini Volleyball nokia j2me

Bikini Volleyball
by Gameloft

Spike one over the net and dive into the hot sand.

Turn up the game heat with sandy beaches and bikini-clad girls. Travel from Miami to Dubai to Phuket on the Beach Volleyball World Tour. Choose your teammate from 8 different girls, each with their own impressive trick. Perform spectacular moves and explore mini-games like relay race and frisbee. Win matches and unlock exclusive pictures of the girls to admire any time. Smash your way to the top and become the hottest star of the tour!

Download to PC file (n96) 240x320
others clickhere (e50) 240 x320

Download to PC file (e62)

Gameloft Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood 3D 240x320.v1.00.S60v3.SymbianOS9.2

Gameloft Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood 3D

Taking command isn't easy. Taking the consequences is even harder.

June 1944: The Allies land on the beaches of Normandy to liberate the continent.

You are a decorated member of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment of the "Screaming Eagles", the 101st Airborne Division of the U.S. Army. Your objective: to help your comrades in arms triumph over Nazism.
Progressing through Norman countryside and villages, you'll have to show your brothers in arms how to face the terrible ordeals that await you so that they will follow you to victory...or to a deadly defeat.

Michael Jackson is Dancing Forever 240 X 320 Chinese nokia j2me

Michael Jackson is Dancing Forever

cool game!! ¡Michael Jackson is the best!

Download to PC file

Alphabet Wordsearch s60v5 nokia symbian

Alphabet Wordsearch

compatible with n5800,n96,n97
Alphabet WordSearch is a highly addictive word game guaranteed to entertain for many hours. The rules are very simple, just locate words hidden in a grid of letters. With twenty six categories, one for each letter of the alphabet, three different board sizes and three levels of difficulty Alphabet WordSearch can generate an unlimited number of grids. If you prefer a themed WordSearch, why not check out our Food & Drink, Geography, Hobbies, Nature, People or Deluxe WordSearch games.

Name:  21jal1k.jpg Views: 235 Size:  29.3 KBName:  k06ckw.jpg Views: 238 Size:  16.6 KB

Download to PC file

LCG Jukebox v2.41 nokia symbian

LCG Jukebox v2.41

Main features
High-quality stereo playback
MP3, AAC* and OGG music formats
Internet radio streaming
Fine volume control - 100 levels from silence to loudness
Sleep timer letting you to fall asleep with your music
10-band equalizer with several presets
Playlist editor - add, remove, save, load, order your songs
Customizable colors
Album image search on Internet
Lyrics search and display
Playback in normal or random order
Mini mode displayed on phone idle screen* AAC playback is supported on newer Symbian S60 phones with built-in AAC decoder

Download to PC file

Talking dictionary for symbian60 5th edition

Talking dictionary for symbian60 5th edition

No Screen Shot

Talking dictionary for symbian 60 5th like nokia 5800, hope u enjoy the software.

Edit:With Reference to Aliken's description of the software:

Its a dictionary which tells us the meaning of the word you choose. It has an option to speek out the words you chose, hence a talking dictionary!

You can record the sentence written and can play the recorded playback with this application.

Default language English, Chinese. Its on nokia HongKong based applications, u can have more info there

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - Talking Dictionary Installation Steps

1.Download the file (TalkingDict.zip) to your PC.
2.Unzip the file.
3:Connect the Phone in
4:Copy “Data”, “private”, “resource”, “sys” and “TalkingDictionary_S60_SA_siged.sis” from PC to memory card’s ROOT of Phone
3.On handset, please press menu button and go to Application > File Manager > Memory card. Click TalkingDictionary_S60_SA_siged.sis to start installation

Download to PC file

SmartCalculation v1.03 S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned

SmartCalculation v1.03 S60v3 S60v5
SymbianOS9.x Unsigned-Freeware

Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian OS 9.1/9.2/9.3 (3250,5500,E50,E60,E61,E90,N71,N73,N80,N82,N91,N92,N93,N95,N85,N96) Apps

Original SmartCalculation is a powerful traffic monitoring software

- Filter wifi network
- Improve the response speed
- Speed display
- Vertical-shaped graph statistics
- Desktop month flow dynamic display
- Support boot from Kai
- More than traffic off network automatically
- Update view adjustment
- Update the color settings
- Update time limit
- Update Position
- Update the voice of warning

Download to PC file

Celeris.Virtual.Pool.Mobile.v1.79. S60v3.SymbianOS9 .1

S60v3.SymbianOS9 .1

Best game ever !highly recommended by fishballnice

Rack ''em up, road warriors. Virtual Pool, the world''s best selling 3D pool simulation, has finally gone mobile.

Version: 1.79
Last Updated: 6/19/2007
Minimum Requirements: 2 MB Available RAM, 4 MB Storage

The Ultimate 3D Pool Simulation Goes Mobile
Virtual Pool Mobile is the way to take Virtual Pool on the road. You get Virtual Pool physics, 3D graphics, computer adversaries and even a career mode. Play it on your windows smartphone.
So real that we guarantee it will improve your real pool game!

Hit the Road
Career mode starts you out as a rookie in the Garage. You're not alone, because Curly, the ultimate road player is there to guide you.
Work your way through 6 different pool rooms by beating the Room Boss and earning enough cash to travel to the next room. Each room has a different player and table. As you progress in your career the competition gets tougher and tougher and the bets go up!
You must beat Curly in the beach house for the big money to complete your career.

Easy to Use Interface
The player interface is intuitive and a snap to use.
Aim cue by using the hat to rotate left or right.
Shoot by holding down a key to pull cue back then release to shoot.
Control shot speed by how far back you pull the cue.

Computer Opponents
The VP Mobile computer adversaries know how to play pool! The better players can really stroke it, but luckily for you, the poor players are not any better than the sucker at your local bar. There are 128 computer opponents of varying skill levels, so you'll always have somebody to play.

Virtual Pool is famous for its physics that give you unmatched playing experiences. Pool balls move and react just like on a real pool table. You won't find a better pool simulation on a

Quick Play
Set up and play your buddies or a computer opponent at any one of 6 different pool rooms. You get to choose! Play any skill level of computer opponent, from sucker to pool shark.

Download to PC file

Astraware Boardgames nokia symbian s60v5

Astraware Boardgames
nokia symbian s60v5

tested on n5800,n96,n97

More screenshoots

On 5800 you will get small black bars up and down, but this is not so disturbing, because the game is fast, responsible and works like a charm. And until we get symbian games compatible with s60v5 this is a nice game.


Astraware Boardgames includes 8 games, each with user-customizable rules and a range of difficulty levels, but designed with casual players and non-experts in mind. If you're a new player or an old hand who just enjoys a fun traditional board game, then Astraware Boardgames is just for you.

Astraware Boardgames includes Chess, Backgammon, Ludo, Checkers, Reversi, Nine Men's Morris, Snakes and Ladders, and Tic Tac Toe

Download to PC file

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