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[Shamrock Games] Piranha! ENG J2ME N73

Symbian OS9.x Games Symbian OS-9.1/9.2/9.3 (3250,5500,E50,E60,E61,E90,N71,N73,N80,N82,N91,N92,N93,N95,N96) Games only.

Explore the enigmatic waters of the world's ocean and unveil their secrets in our captivating game "Piranha"! Together with the little piranha you'll grow and begin an adventurous journey on the Amazon. You'll see the mystical Caribbean Sea, the cold and dangerous waters of the North Atlantic, the crystal clear and warm Mediterranean as well as the Red Sea until you arrive in the Indian Ocean. In order to reach the final goal you'll have to avoid aggressive sharks, battle against the ancient sea monster and study the ancient artifacts throughout your journey on the Amazon.

- Marvellous graphics reproducing the magnificence of the world’s ocean;
- Captivating story accompanied with dialogues of main characters and 24 excellent in-game movies; unique attack animations;
- 12 levels of thrilling adventures underwater including 2 spectacular duel levels as well as an optional training level; some of the levels with a time limit as a challenge; a map of levels;
- Many fascinating tasks to be completed by the player (swimming in the current, finding the way out of the labyrinth, watching over the treasures, collecting the pearls etc.)
- A repletion scale showing you how full your stomach is; a life scale shows health; 3 stages of growth in each level;
- Many species of sea inhabitants (piranha, catfish, 3 small-sized, 3 middle-sized and 3 big-sized fish species, medusa, octopus, sword-fish, shark, etc.) plus a skin-diver and a diver;
- Easy to learn controls

Download to PC clickshere

Revival Deluxe S60v5 nokia n97/n5800

Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games

Revival Deluxe S60v5

Revival Deluxe is a colossal and tremendous adventure where you play the main role - you create the history of the world! Powerful empires are created from scratch there, prosperous states are falling down suddenly, the science degrades and rises again, fierce wars never end, running into milliards capitals are earned and lost in the twinkling of an eye. Here you can truly enjoy the absolute power, endure the eternal battle for a place in the sun. Everyone will find there amusement suitable to his own taste: you can explore huge continents and even whole planets, build towns, develop the science and study new technologies, maintain the economic balance and start a bloody expansion to capture the Universe. Who will you be - the invincible general or the inborn diplomat, the talented economist or the smart politician? You can choose your destiny.

Revival Deluxe - for how many years will you make savage barbarians to construct a spaceship?

Game features:

* Game designed in the best traditions of Sid Meier's "Civilization"
* New improved graphics and music
* Immense game space for war or peaceful development 10 planets and 34 continents
* The widest tactical variety: 4 types of town, 21 types of military unit, 25 types of town building, 27 types of terrain
* Scenario campaign consists of new 9 main missions with 40 intermediate missions
* All the features of turn-based strategy are included: mining resources, building of towns and development of science, land and sea battles, experience and upgrades
* Excellent artificial intellect, adjustable difficulty level, up to 7 non-player opponents

Download to PC clickshere

Jamie Fuller SpaceDancer V1.00 S60v5 {Multitouch game}

Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games

SpaceDancer V1.00 S60v5

The game idea was a simple derivative of 'guitar hero' or 'DDR' whereby you press a button or buttons along with the music.

The two major problems with this idea on this specific platform are:

1) Button layout, the buttons need to be in an easy to reach location , but also that will not require the phone to be shifted around to reach other keys. also when pressing the buttons its important that the main game play area is not obscured by the players hands.

2) most touchscreen devices are still only single touch capable. this severely reduces the number of button presses available. unlike a traditional keypad which allows for combos.

Both of these issues have been overcome as you can see in the video. The game is very early on in design but the underlying technology is the real product that I'm showcasing.

Download to PC clickshere

Motvik CMobi v1.00 Incl Desktop S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned

Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Make a mobile demo or show presentation in the mobile screen from the comfort and safety of your home or office. CMobi allows you to display your mobile screen on a PC.

Users will find CMobi as a valuable tool to create screencast in a mobile for promotion, education and demonstration materials.


· Watch a clear & large picture of the mobile screen in PC.
· Easy sharing between mobile and PC without any wires. Supports bluetooth & WiFi. All major Bluetooth stacks are supported.
· Record the actions in the mobile screen as a screencast video for sharing.
· All Symbian 3rd Edition and Symbian 5.0 devices are supported.
· Share via IMs such as Skype, MSN

Download clickshere

DrJukka Fake Messages v0.75 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned (Update:30.08.09)

Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Fake Messages is a free fake message sending application that allows timed "sending" of fake SMS messages. SMS messages are handled inside the device, so no network connection is needed, thus sending fake SMS messages are completely free of charge.

Change Log :

*Now the sender can be added from contacts and message can be stored as templates for later usage.
*Also now available in 8 languages;English,Finnish,Russian,Spanish,Hebrew,S wedish,Serbian and Ukrainian.

Download to PC clickshere

Windows 7 UI for 5800/N97

Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Windows 7 UI for 5800/N97

The developer MMMOOO (the same as myPhone) released its new Skin tests for the Win7. The Win7 is an interesting application that simulates the windows 7 operating system on any device Nokia S60 3rd and 5th and Samsung Omnia HD. Interested in testing it, you can download below.

if you want it full
-open x-plore
-run it and select trial then exit
-go to C: Private/AF109171/EB62125B59B4D4502A
-file 4CD11BFC07C2B3FDA63D7~24undefined26~2AE15 set as "read only"

Download to PC clickshere

Asphalt 4: Elite Racing nokia symbian

Asphalt 4: Elite Racing
Symbian OS9.x Games Symbian OS-9.1/9.2/9.3 (3250,5500,E50,E60,E61,E90,N71,N73,N80,N82,N91,N92,N93,N95,N96) Games only.

Face the world's richest drivers in high-speed races through traffic. Choose among 10 dream cars and bikes from the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, such as Ferrari and Bugatti, and zoom through the streets of Monte Carlo, New York, Shanghai, Paris, Dubai, and Beverly Hills to impose your style. Check your rides in your own garage and spend millions to tune them. The police await you in each city with roadblocks and helicopters to try and confiscate your expensive toy, so you’ll need to drive to the limit to avoid them. Can you become the ultimate VIP of urban racing?

Become a VIP and own the urban racing world!

- 10 dream cars & bikes including the Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari F430 Spider, Nissan GT-R, Ducati 1098;
- Race in 6 of the world's hottest cities: Monte Carlo, Beverly Hills, Shanghai, NYC, Dubai, Paris;
- Amazing 3D environments providing breathtaking speed sensations;
- Tune your rides in your own luxury garage;
- Enjoy 5 extreme racing modes such as cop chase, drift, and beat'em all;
- Adapt your driving style to the weather conditions: Can you control your car under heavy rain?

Download clickshere (6120_Classic,_6220_Classic,_E65,_N75,_N76,_N81,_N93,_N96)
320x 240

alternate PC file (240 x320, e72,e61 etc)

Office Dares v1.0 nokia S60v5 J2ME

Office Dares v1.0 nokia S60v5 J2ME
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games

Take time out from your hectic daily lifestyle and absorb yourself in Office Dares. Let this witty and comical application ease your work-related stress, improve relationships with your colleagues and relax at work!
Your boss has decided to fire you and you have two weeks to get your revenge and run the company into bankruptcy!
The main aim of the game is to eliminate the seven key employees in the company. Choose colleagues to play hilarious pranks on, working on getting rid of them one-by-one. Each colleague has a different position in the company ranging from the janitor to CEO! The game ensures you engage in witty banter along the way.
There are three comical mini games to entertain your along the way: office paintball, seek and hide and unscramble.
Want to know what's a bad excuse and a really bad excuse at work?! Get the low-down on worst excuses around and stress relief in the workplace.
The stress bar measures your character prank performance - so what are you waiting for? Get pranking!
Directional keys to navigate

Download to PC clickshere (392kb)

YY Puzzle nokia games symbian

YY Puzzle nokia games symbian
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games
Symbian OS9.x Games Symbian OS-9.1/9.2/9.3 (3250,5500,E50,E60,E61,E90,N71,N73,N80,N82,N91,N92,N93,N95,N96) Games only.

Tested Phone: Nokia N95
Supported Phone:
Nokia N71 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia 3250 (S60 3rd Edition), nokia 73(S60 3rd Edition), Nokia N91 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia E60 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia E61(S60 3rd Edition), Nokia E70 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia E50 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia 5500d (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia N80 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia E62 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia N81 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia N82 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia N95 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia 5700 (S60 3rd Edition)etc.S60 3rd Edition

support Nokia 5800 (S60 5th Edition) S60 5th Edition

Game Description:
YYPuzzle is developed by OPDA development team and it is an attracting puzzle game. Simple but attractive!!

operation instructions:

Up: Up/Number 2
Down: Down/Number 8
Left: Left/Number 4
Right: Right/Number 6
Confirm: Number 5
Cancel: #

YYPuzzle_176_208.sisx (134.96 KB) YYPuzzle_176_208.sisx (134.96 KB)

N73|N71|N75|N76|N77|N78|N79|N81|N82|N85|N86|N92|N9 3|N95|N96|6110N|6120c| 6210s|6210N|6121c|6220c|6122c|6124|6290|6650F|6720 c|N61|E50|E51|E61|E62|E63|E65|
E66|5630|5700|5730|E71|E72|E75|E90|5320XM等240*320分 辨率
YYPuzzle_240_320.sisx (210.36 KB) YYPuzzle_240_320.sisx (210.36 KB)

YYPuzzle_320_240.sisx (200.7 KB) YYPuzzle_320_240.sisx (200.7 KB)

SGH-i400/i408/i450/i458/i520/i550/i560/G810/G818E/i400/i408/i450/i458/i520/i550/i560/i570/G810/G818/i8510/L870/L878/L878E, 8510
YYPuzzle_352_416.sisx (332.26 KB) YYPuzzle_352_416.sisx (332.26 KB)

Download clickshere (YYPuzzle_176_208 131.2 KB )
Download file 1 (240 x320)
Download file 2 (320 x240)
download file 3 (352 x 416)

shotGun v0.7 Nokia s60v5 n5800 / N97

Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

shotGun is an accelerometer-based shotgun application. To load it, "pump" it down, then up. To shoot, move the loaded phone horizontally and then make a fire movement. If you do not understand the explainations, just watch the YouTube clip, then it will be understandable I think.

Filename: shotGun_v0.7_s60v5.rar

Download to PC clickshere

OffScreen Speed Tester Touch v1.0 nokia 97/n5800

OffScreen Speed Tester Touch v1.0

Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games

This is a speed test. You join us? The goal is to gain keys in the correct order as quickly as possible! Challenge your friends and set a new record.

Download to PC clickshere (365kb)

TechnoBubble Panda Manda v1.1.16 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Unsigned

TechnoBubble Panda Manda v1.1.16 S60v3
SymbianOS9.1 Unsigned

Symbian OS9.x Games Symbian OS-9.1/9.2/9.3 (3250,5500,E50,E60,E61,E90,N71,N73,N80,N82,N91,N92,N93,N95,N96) Games only.

Follow the adventures of PandaManda, our big hero, trapped in a dangerous world, in the search of an exit to his home.

And if you owns a Nokia N95, you can play the game without keys! Only rotating your mobile phone!

Also, the game includes a lot of features as:

Level Editor:
You can make your own levels to play them, and the better... share them with other players around the word!

Online Ranking:
Are you the best playing PandaManda? See the online ranking, and try be the number one!

Online Community:
Making your own levels are funny, but the really interesting thing is share them with other players. Make a good map and see what think the community about it!

Game Table


Symbian OS


Realtime 3D



Online Score


Game Size
3,1 MB

Download to PC clickshere

Astraware Sudoku v1.60 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned

Astraware Sudoku v1.60 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games

Sudoku is a logical puzzle game featuring a 9x9 grid. Within the grid are 9 boxes each featuring 9 cells. The object is to fill in the numbers 1-9 in each row, column and box, but they must only appear in each one once.

Suitable for all players from beginners through to experts and six levels of difficulty, Astraware Sudoku is packed with features.

Download any of the Puzzles of the Day over the air and then compare your times with other players worldwide. Players can automatically download more puzzles from our dedicated Sudoku of the Day server or generate more puzzles by using the integrated Puzzle Builder which creates literally billions of puzzles. Players can also enter puzzles from newspapers or books to get Astraware Sudoku's expert help and assistance to solve them.

Astraware Sudoku offers a range of different options to help players solve puzzles including manual or automatic pencilmarks in a choice of styles; a smart hints system; and the hold and highlight system which can display an overlay for a specific number or pencilmark helping players to see where to look and what to look for.

Here are some key features of "Astraware Sudoku (S60)":

· Wide range of assistance including smart hints system, pencilmarks and hold-and-highlight to help beginners
· Puzzle of the Day downloadable over the air or via connected device
· Dedicated companion website featuring solving techniques at sudokuoftheday.com
· Built in puzzle generator creates literally billions of puzzles!
· Puzzle solver to help with Sudoku in newspapers and books

Download to PC clickshere

Connect2Media Go Go Rescue Squad v0.0.1 S60v5 J2ME Retail

Connect2Media Go Go Rescue Squad v0.0.1 S60v5 J2ME Retail
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games

When we first saw Go! Go! Rescue Squad, we initially thought it was a game based on a random Cartoon Network/Japanese cartoon that passed us by in our older years. As it turns out, Go!Go! is a new unique brand that will also be appearing on consoles and PCs.

In this game, your Rescue Squad are a group of firefighters and in each level your aim is to rescue all the civilians in the building. The graphics are cute and colourful and you do wonder if this aimed at the kiddie market. But after a few tutorials you will soon realise the tactical nature of the game. Just a quick note: the screenshots in the pop-up are high-end and most mobiles will have slightly downgraded images - but still good.

The game mechanic revolves around picking up and throwing stuff, be it fire extinguishers or people. Throwing the people is actually good fun as they scream in mid air to land safely by the door.

There are 6 town districts to unlock and 64 levels to play through (although a fair number are tutorials). The game is huge and it will take many hours to complete (and that's forsaking the long loading times). In other games you normally get a few initial tutorial levels and then it's 50 levels of the same old stuff with nothing really new. Go!Go! is always feeding you new things at regular intervals and the game just gets bigger and bigger.

The game starts off in the first few levels at a gentle pace. Move your firefighter around the level, up/down the ladder and jump across gaps to put out the fires. Throwing fire extinguishers at the flame will put it out or you can walk into it while holding the extinguishers. Every level will have at least one exit door and you have direct/throw all civilians towards the doors to complete the level (you don't have to save the firefighters). Civilians come in a few different flavours. Luckily none of them are suicidal but some will always climb a ladder if they see it and these traits can be used to your advantage. There are a few rules to follow. You can pick up people and throw them at a safe distance or to other rescuers but you cannot carry them up ladders or jump with them. As you progress through the game, more and more elements are unveiled and the difficulty soon ramps up.

This really one for the puzzle freaks. Some of the levels seem pretty basic but finding the right course of action can be tricky and you have to throw items around the level or between rescuers before everything will fall into place. Although there is only one story mode, there are plenty of different game types including time attack and bonus levels. In the hour or two of playing I only scratched the surface of the first couple of districts and it looks like there is plenty to keep you interested.

Download clickshere

Gish nokia N5800 N97

Gish nokia N5800 N97
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games

Squish your way through the dark and humorous underground world of Gish. Life isn't easy when you're a 12 pound ball of tar

Download to PC clickshere

WebGate Safe Deposit Box v1.0.15 S60v3 v5 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned

WebGate Safe Deposit Box v1.0.15 S60v3 v5
Nokia SymbianOS9.x Unsigned

Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Safe and Secret Storage
Safe Deposit Box is specially designed to safeguard important or secret documents, pictures and other files from unsolicited access by other people. The application is password-protected at start-up and keeps your files invisible until the password is entered. Important documents, confidential personal or business files, secret images and videos, your most important audio files - now you can lock and hide them all just by moving the files to the Safe Deposit Box. Once locked, the protected files will no longer be visible and accessible from anywhere else.

Protected Files Classification
With Safe Deposit Box you can not only protect, but also organize your files. Safe Deposit Box allows you to sort your files by file type, name or any other criteria. Just create the folders / categories that you need and start collecting similar files there.
SDB’s own file browser makes different file formats and extensions distinguishable by their icons for extra convenience in organizing file catalogs.

Data Encryption
For extra security Safe Deposit Box allows protected folders on memory cards to be encrypted so your important information is inaccessible even if the memory card is removed and browsed through another device or a card reader. SDB’s encrypted folders are simple to set-up and offer absolute information card through a set of modern cryptic algorithms.

Download to PC clickshere

XpressDrums v5.00 nokia apps n97/5800

XpressDrums v5.00
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

A complete drum set for your phone.

Make all the noise you want with this set of drums. The set is comprised of:
A Crash Cymbal
A Hi Hat
A Snare Drum
A Hi Tom
A Low Tom
A Floor Tom
A Bass Drum
And if you like the noise you create you can save it in the internal database or you can create a MIDI file. Enjoy yourself ..... it's free.

Download to PC clickshere

ebuddy v1.4 updated 5800

ebuddy v1.4 updated 5800
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Yahoo!, MSN, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ and Google Talk buddies in one single buddylist! Join eBuddy and get the most popular and free instant messenger application on your mobile.
For more info visit www.ebuddy.com/mobilebeta
New in this version (v1.4):
• Faster login
• Using less data
• Choose your color theme to match your taste
• Fixes minor bugs found in 1.3

Downloads clickshere (n5800)
other PC file (n97)

ZXStyles ZXReader v1.4.1 BETA 1 S60 5th nokia

ZXStyles ZXReader v1.4.1 BETA 1 S60 5th nokia
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

» Supported encoding: UNICODE, UTF-8, ANSI (WIN-1251);
» Automatic change of portrait / landscape mode when the phone turns;
» Fixing the desired orientation of the screen;
» Sensory management;
» Full Screen;
» Setting the font, including third-party ttf;
» Avto moving pages around;
» Office lighting - brightness is constant;
» Text - carry the words, bonding lines (cut into a line under a specific width before any editor)
» Splitting the screen into multiple active zones, each of which can hang some commands.

Changes in version:
» Adjustment - Autoturning size (Pixel, 10 Pixels, the Line, page);
» Adjustment - Autoturning timer is measured now in 0.1 seconds;
» Cover display in the book beginning;
» Adjustment Antialising is transferred to the Screen;
» Has cleaned скроллбар. Probably, I will understand later, in what with it a problem, or I will write the realisation
» Hyphenation and alignment work by a principle:
- Alignment:
-- On width with a threshold - alignment on width, only if the length of a line has exceeded a threshold, differently to the left.
-- Strictly to the left;
-- Strictly on width;
-- On the centre;
- Hyphenation:
-- Off (all variants of alignment are accessible);
-- Always (all variants of alignment are accessible);
-- Threshold - only if the length of a line has not exceeded a threshold, differently without carrying over;
» Alignment has passed in styles for everyone стилизуемого an element;
» ImageViewer in all screen;
» In library in the menu the command is duplicated to Open;
» In library the menu point is added - to Remove with the original;
» In library button C - to Remove a file;
» If the deleted file - current read it ceases to be flowing and at following start is not messages on absence of a file
» Adjustment (Management) - the Size of the block. Block size in pixels for a command Prev/Next block. It is necessary basically for not touch smarts;
» Command - Prev/Next block;
» Command of increase/reduction in all fonts;
» In the menu the Book the point of copying of the text from the screen in the exchange buffer is added;
» On touch smarts a finger it is possible to move the text;
» Adjustment of Invert Scroll concerns and reader too - at scrolling by a finger;
» The problem when the command of reduction of brightness did not work is corrected;
» In Library and Options current bookmarks remain. Earlier at library visiting the bookmark in Options was forgotten;
» Working folders of library have now attributes system/hidden - that the Symbian Gallery did not climb in pictures from books.

Download to PC clickshere

Fun Park Tycoon (ML) nokia j2me

Fun Park Tycoon (ML)

Symbian OS9.x Games Symbian OS-9.1/9.2/9.3 (3250,5500,E50,E60,E61,E90,N71,N73,N80,N82,N91,N92,N93,N95,N96) Games only.

Dive into the wonderful world of "Fun Park Tycoon." Use your creativity to create a world of fantasy, fun and detailed simulation ever seen on mobile. Build your big amusement park and enjoy the success

Download clickshere (n95)
Download file (n80)
Download file (e71)

OffScreen Converter Touch v1.0 nokia

OffScreen Converter Touch v1.0
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Kilograms, ounces, miles, knots, stones and many more … Carry this handy unit converter always with you. Convert from among all type of units such as lengths, volumes, speed, etc.

Download to PC clickshere

OffScreen World Clock Touch v1.0 nokia 97/n5800

OffScreen World Clock Touch v1.0
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Show time in 3 different time zones at once. This is a newly updated stable version with limited memory consumption!

Download to PC clickshere

Dual Panel Calendar Widget For Nokia N97

Dual Panel Calendar Widget For Nokia N97

It is a calendar events list in dual panel mode with the following 10 events of your calendar from the current time on. It's made to replace the default Nokia's calendar widget which is really dumb and not very informative.I like to have my important information with just a glance to my mobile, so I'm reminded more frequently of what's "coming next"this week/day.

It's made of 2 widgets: ComingNext & ComingNext B, each showing the first 5 and second 5 elements in your calendar. You can use only 1 if you need the widget space for other things. I have tuned it so it doesn't consume much ram, and it updates in real-time (every 30 secs) only if required, so it uses as little battery as possible.

When tapped it opens up your calendar on current day, just as the original calendar widget. It will ask for your permission to read user data (calendar info) when first added to your homescreen, and it has been denied network access so no information leaves your mobile.

Download to PC clickshere

Saint Seiya nokia S60v3 Chinese

Saint Seiya nokia S60v3 Chinese

Symbian OS9.x Games Symbian OS-9.1/9.2/9.3 (3250,5500,E50,E60,E61,E90,N71,N73,N80,N82,N91,N92,N93,N95,N96) Games only.

Nice rpg game!but only available in chinese.

Download to PC clicksfree (n73/n95)
other file (e61 series)

Touch Card nokia n97/5800

Touch Card nokia n97/5800
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games

A Nice Game you Will Forget the Time while playing it…Must Try

Download to PC clicksfree

Touch Maneuver nokia 5800/n97

Touch Maneuver nokia 5800/n97
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games

A Really Funny Game Easy to Play and Free to Have

Download to clicksfree

Guitar Hero III: Backstage Pass S60v3 ML retail

[Hands-On] Guitar Hero III: Backstage Pass S60v3 ML retail

Symbian OS9.x Games Symbian OS-9.1/9.2/9.3 (3250,5500,E50,E60,E61,E90,N71,N73,N80,N82,N91,N92,N93,N95,N96) Games only.

No one said that working your way from wannabe to rock star was going to be easy. To fight your way to the top you will need to promote your band, rehearse your songs and play shows that rock! Earn cash by playing through a range of venues and increase your fame, buzz and street cred.

Backstage Pass features traditional Guitar Hero® gameplay that you've come to love but mixes it up with tons of extra gaming features to bring you the most immersive music simulation game on mobile today. In addition to the single player campaign, which offers up to 25 hours of gameplay, Backstage Pass offers gamers free access to a companion website designed for the game.

Go online and get new music, download new guitars, and challenge rockers from across the world and prove that you have what it takes to become the ultimate rock star.

Download clicksfree (n95)
Other Pc file (n80 )

For n5800/n97 version click here

Ustream.TV v1.0 S60v5 -live interactive video broadcast platform

Ustream.TV v1.0 S60v5 -live interactive video broadcast platform
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Ustream.TV is the live interactive video broadcast platform that enables anyone with a camera and an Internet connection to quickly and easily broadcast to a global audience of unlimited size. In less than two minutes, anyone can become a broadcaster by creating their own channel on Ustream or by broadcasting through their own site, empowering them to engage with their audience andfurther build their brand.

Ustream's one-to-many live interactive video encourages broadcast-to-viewer and viewer-to-viewer interaction, empowering a much more engaging experience for everyone involved.With Ustream's interactive broadcast functionality, viewers can personally interact directly with whoever is broadcasting -- including personalities like their favorite musician or politician.

Ustream viewers can watch specific broadcasts, explore our networks ranging from music, talk shows, sports and politics to discover a world of interesting new broadcasts, or review our past broadcasts.Ustream opens up a new world of possibilities and experiences to broadcasters and viewers alike, which the pre-recorded static video that's predominated the Internet to date just can't provide.

For more information www.ustream.tv

Download to PC clickshere

Bloft 1.0.0 nokia 5800/n97

Bloft 1.0.0 nokia 5800/n97

Bloft (BLobby and sOFT) is a 2D physics engine for J2ME phones with MIDP support.

Bloft (BLobby and sOFT) is a 2D physics engine for J2ME phones with MIDP support. It supports soft bodies only in contrast with the DyMiX Engine. The soft body is a body which can be deformed - like a gummy ball or a plastic bag filled with liquid for example.

Here are some key features of "Bloft":

· Soft body dynamics
· High robustness
· High speed
· Fast fixed-point calculations
· Friction simulation
· Additional Vector2, Matrix2x2 classes and other math functions

Download to PC clickshere

TouchoFarto nokia 5800/n97

TouchoFarto nokia 5800/n97

Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps
With touchoFarto you can have lots of fun! Just start it and start pranking people by let them doing a fart without they know it! touchoFarto contains six different fart sounds!
Simple said, touchoFarto is a virtual whoopee cushion.

~Flash Lite 3.1

Download to PC clickshere

Theme Scheduler v0.75 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned

Theme Scheduler v0.75 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Theme Scheduler is a free theme scheduler application that allows automated theme scheduling with timer.

With this application you can easily have your business theme on while at the office and automatically get it to more relaxed one when your work day ends, or simply use the random themes to get your phone appearance to surprise you..

This freeware application is designed for S60 OS 9.1 Symbian smartphones and tested only with Nokia S60 devices. It should work with All S60 3rd & 5th edition devices, including Nokia 5800 and N97.

Now all three available in six languages: English, German, Spanish, Finnish, Thai and Catalan.

Download to PC clickshere

Key lock Clock v0.75 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned

Key lock Clock v0.75 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned

Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Key Lock Clock is a free Clock application that is shown while the device's key lock is on. The idea was inspired by the feature found from E71 & E66.

Very simple to use, just click the application icon, set the "Clock screen" on, exit the application and lock the key lock normally. Note that the Clock screen runs in a separate background process, thus any changes made to the settings are effective only after you exit the UI application.

The clock screen lights will not be set on when the keys are locked, since most of the time when device is locked it is not meant to be used, thus to get the lights on you need to press the switcher button (that is used for switching between menu and home screen), also with non-touch devices, the arrow keys can be used for this purpose.

Note that by default the light will go out in 1 second, if longer timeout is needed, then you can set it with settings options between 1 sec and 3599 (1 hour) seconds.

Additionally this application can be used as a Table clock when the charger is connected, to enable this feature just set the "Lights on" setting to "Time out + charging" on. There is also option now to keep the lights on until the keypad is unlocked.

Also if you think that the screen lights are too bright, you can adjust it with the "Lights intensity" option. Lights intensity also has separate settings for light while it is in the charging, thus you can use different options for your night time clock.

The font in the clock screen can be changed with settings option, please note that some fonts (that usually have word "digi" in them) might only include characters numbers, thus using 12-hour clock with them would cause am/pm to be shown as empty rectangles, not a bug, but a feature of some specific fonts really.

The Clock screen can be customized, by default the currently active Theme is used as background, and its normal text font color used for showing the time. With the settings options you can also use 16 different colors for the background and for the clock.

As additional feature this application also includes automated key locker, if this feature is needed, just set it on and set the timeout for idle time out(when user is not interacting with the device) for automatically locking the keyboard.

This version was designed 5th edition touch devices such as 5800 & N97 in mind, but should work just as well with all Symbian S60 3rd edition non-touch devices.

- Now all three available in six languages: English, German, Spanish, Finnish, Thai and Catalan.
- Key lock Clock also has small fix on the 5800 lights out.

Download to PC clickshere

Talkonaut v5.56.66 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Signed [Update]

Talkonaut v5.56.66 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Signed [Update]
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Apps

Talkonaut supports Jabber, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, AIM and Yahoo networks both for chatting and voice calling.

Brief description

Talkonaut is freely available, VoIP enabled, Google Talk like application for your mobile phone.Basically, there are two editions of Talkonaut: the one for Symbian s60 based Nokia mobile handsets, and the other one for J2ME platform which is available on a large scale of mobile phones, including Windows Mobile and Palm handsets. Talkonaut supports Jabber, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, AIM and Yahoo networks for chatting and voice calling.

The ourstanding feature of Symbian S60 edition of Talkonaut is "VoIP over GPRS" capability, that allows you to make free long distance and overseas calls utilizing your data connection such as GPRS, EDGE, 3G or WIFI.


Free calls to Google Talk, MSN/Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, SIP phones and other Talkonaut fellows right from your mobile over GPRS, EDGE, 3G or WIFI connection.
Talkonaut 4.0 Cheap calls to mobile and landline phones using GTalk2VoIP infrastructure.
Free calls using your existing SIP accounts from major public SIP services like: voipstunt.com, sipnet.ru, etc.
Sending and receiving IM messages and invitations for all major IM networks: Google Talk, Jabber, ICQ, MSN, AIM and Yahoo.
User-defined status messages and displaying status messages of your contacts right in the roster.
Flexible contact list management: searching, adding, removing and renaming contacts; organizing contacts in groups by IM network type; user-defined groups of contacts.
Intuitive full-screen graphics, with tabs and popup messages; well structured menus, quick access by hot-keys and lots more.
Navigation using joystick and key-pad (customizable), support for touch-screen inputs (stylus).
Built-in smileys support.
Customizable alarms and notifications using sounds and vibration.
Multi-language: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Ukrainian and Russian languages are currently supported.
Viewing contacts' vCards; modifying your own vCard.
Multi-user chats (text conferences) complient with Jabber standard. Lots of existing chat rooms available.
Talkonaut 4.0 Full-featured conference moderation and private chat support.
File transfer according to Jabber standard.
Support for Jabber Service Discovery to work with other IM transports, to search ICQ contacts and to send SMS messages over Mail.RU Agent.
Support for ZLib traffic compression, which reduces GPRS traffic consumeption in 5-10 times.
Support for encrypted SSL connection.
Support for HTTP Binding which makes possible to use Talkonaut over WAP and limited GPRS connections.
Support for modified User-Agent to pass proxy connection for some mobile carriers (O2 in Germany).


1. "Back" action "opening Tools-> Search" (jud.jabber.ru).
New Features:
1. DTMF input in the form of a call added.
2. File browser improvements (icons, search string).
3. Image shows when you send or receive through the file transfer.

Download to PC clickshere

CarLocker v0.9 nokia n5800/n97

CarLocker v0.9 nokia n5800/n97

With CarLocker you can act as if you are locking your car remotely with your Symbian Touch device. If you press "Lock Car", the typical *chrip chrip* sound will be played. Have Fun with your friends or in public with this app!

~Flash Lite v3.1

Download to PC clickshere

Scrabble Mobile nokia 5800/n97

Scrabble Mobile nokia j2me

Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games

After 60 years of popularity with millions of players worldwide, Scrabble® goes mobile with an all-new version. Challenge up to 3 virtual opponents in traditional Scrabble® or build your vocabulary in Solitaire Mode. Scrabble® Quick Play arrives for the first time on the mobile, allowing you to maximise your score for 4 sets of 7 letters. Get the real Scrabble® experience on the go!

Download to PC clickshere

BoomShine S60 Game ((New Old Game)) nokia n97/n5800

BoomShine S60 Game ((New Old Game))

Developer says:

Hi All,

Just a quick note to say I was playing a great game by Danner Miller the other day and decided it would make a great N97 game, So I contacted Danny and asked his permission to do it.

I wrote the entire thing from scratch but kept the look and feel exactly the same as the original version.

I've added a leaderboard function so if you wish to submit your score once (or IF) you complete the game you will receive worldwide recognition of having too much time on your hands

Download to PC clickshere

RAMADAN Special II, Nokia Quran,Hadith, Prayer Times, Zakah Calculator for nokia n97/5800

RAMADAN Special II, Nokia Quran,Hadith,
Prayer Times, Zakah Calculator for nokia phones

Read, bookmark passages and listen to the Holy Quran using a multi-lingual interface.

Prayer Times
Detailed prayer timings and accurate Qibla directions for 1,000 cities in 200 countries.

Preview and send a range of customizable mobile cards for different occasions.

Zakah Calculator
An interactive feature to work out your contribution to charity with updated rates for gold, silver and currency.

Browse through the Honourable Hadith, consisting of books from renowned scholars.

Hajj and Umrah
An easy-to-use hand-held guide that offers information on places to visit during the pilgrimage.

Enjoy, download and share regular Azkar and selected prayers every day.

Download clickshere
(Quran S60 v5)
Download to pc file (PrayerTimes S60 v5)
Download to pc file (Zakah S60 v5)
Download to pc file (Hadith 5800 V 2.00)
Download to pc file (Mozzaker S60 v5)

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