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How to sign your nokia symbian applications

How to sign your nokia symbian applications
Here is a SignSis application with a GUI (all credits and the application go to LADIKO)
this tutorial and the program is hosted here with the approbation of its author

 Let Begin...

Step 1:

You will see the screen below,follow the instruction on the screen
1.Go to http://www.symbiansigned.com/app/page/register and register account

2.Enter IMEI number of your phone by keying #06# to view on your phone

3. Follow the instruction on screen

Note : Do not close the screen above till you have register the account.

it will be a little guide through the signing and also controls the Symbian Developer Certificate Request Wizard.

so the user only have to:
* create an account on symbiansigned.com
* only input imei to get the *.csr file
* upload the *.csr file
* download certificate
* sign his/her file with signsis-gui

be sure that the folder name containing the sis file is not to long like:

C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\SomeSoftEnterprise.Some.Software.v0.00.1.S60v3.Symbia nOS9.1.Unsigned.Fully.Legal-Some.Person.With.PDA.In.The.Name\Similar.L ong.File.Name.sis

Step 2:






you can sign your sis-files or verify if they are signed and you can create profiles if you have more than one symbianos9 phone so you can quick make signed files for all phones. it will also save the settings on exit so it starts up with the same - so you only have to select the unsigned sis and push the button.

the download link is located at the end of this article.

this is an very basic winrar-selfextracting-installer that creates desktop and start menu shortcuts. if you prefer an archive-file, rename the file to SignSIS-GUI_v1.0.rar

Download to PC Clickshere




  1. why is it all soo complicated?

  2. lol i must say its very easy ... previous methiods were really complicated i have signed appz wid OPDA 20 yers certificate ... ant it was raelly hectinc changing .BAT file again and again... Lol atlast a very good tutorial

  3. doesn't work n e more cause symbiansigned requests you have a developer account or something and it costs $200


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