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GL Sega Sonic Advance 1.03(5) En

[JAVA]GL Sega Sonic Advance 1.03(5) Eng
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6]Games
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

Everyone loves the hedgehog back to his roots with Sonic Advance ™: all levels of the original arcade classic. Dr. Eggman has a diabolical plan to launch its range against the world and has created a powerful metal robots, Knuckles, to ensure that the famous hedgehog is not put in the middle. Use Sonic's legendary ability to break down, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman's defeat and save the world

The most acclaimed Sonic game ever adapted for mobile.
Explore 8 levels spread over 4 worlds: Neo Green Hill, Secret Base, Angel Island & Casino Paradise.
Fight a miniboss in each world and the final boss.
Experience at top speed! Run, roll and use special moves in a flash.
Play in Story Mode or Time Attack you choose to dart between the levels.

Download to PC Clickshere

Metro v5.9.4 S60v3 SymbianOS 9.x Signed

[SYMBIAN]MetrO v5.9.4 S60v3 SymbianOS 9.x Signed {All maps included} [Update: 11.04.11]
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]
Symbian OS 9.1/9.2/9.3 (3250,5500,E50,E60,E61,E90,N71,N73,N80,N82,N91,N92,N93,N95,N85,N96) Apps

Metro computes your route between two stops in the public transport systems in 350 cities. Metro finds your way in public transport systems in more than 350 cities around the world (Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, any city with a subway & many more!).

Key features:

● Fully assisted station search (various lists selection or text entry options)
● Station list for each line
● Recently used stations history
● Operating hours management (in selected cities)
● Places of interest: tourism, night life, ... and detailed information (in selected cities)
● Line deactivation option (in case of strikes or works)
● Line colors in the stop list and in the calculation results
● Contacts list interface (enter your contact's subway stations only once)
● Install only the cities you need (and save memory)
● Extension card compatibility
● City databases exchange through IR interface
● Two different routes suggested (fastest and least connections)
● More than 250 cities included, most of them with complete information (575 stations in London, 785 in New-York, 1600 in Tokyo, 839 in Paris), including suburban systems, buses, trams, ferries...
● Frequent updates (every month) for up-to-date information
● Available in 34 languages


● New city: Reading, PA (USA)
● Major city changes: Atlanta, Brussels, Busan, Los Angeles, Torino, Toulouse
● Other changes: Amiens, Bilbao, Bratislava, Brisbane, Delhi, Dubai, Guangzhou, Madrid, Metz, Mexico, Milano, Nagoya, Napoli, New York, San Francisco, São Paulo, Tehran

Download to PC Clickshere

NAVITEL 5.0.693 - 5.0.1069 + Maps Symbian

[SYMBIAN]NAVITEL 5.0.693 - 5.0.1069 + Maps
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]
Symbian OS 9.1/9.2/9.3 (3250,5500,E50,E60,E61,E90,N71,N73,N80,N82,N91,N92,N93,N95,N85,N96) Apps

NAVITEL 5.0.693 - 5.0.1069 + Maps (Commonwealth) ALL Cracked
In the presence of an enormous base of required objects POI - most 300,000 gas stations, traffic police, cafes, supermarkets, hotels and so on, among other things, "Navitel Navigator" enables the use of foreign cards made and updated by the user, in favor of popular cartographic editor GPSMapEdit . Users to available official detailed maps of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus for Navitel, with support services "Navitel.Probki on all land cards, but not exclusively in large cities.

Release Date: 2011
Version: v5.0.0.1069
Developer: NaviTel

Installation on the Symbian
1. If you have already installed a demo version, remove it
2. Sign a file using the utility, enclosed in the kit.
3. Installing, paying no attention to possible warning that this application could hurt smartphone (it's a warning on some smarts issued in connection with the fact that pridozhenie is not recommended by default, and also because the certificate says that you - third-party developer, and application in testing and development (more details in a text file)
4. Pour card in the appropriate folder on the media in a smartphone.
5. If you want, pour additional voice files, information about cameras and radar.

Personal impressions

There have been complaints about the earlier version 5.0, seems to be at work "retard" the system clock. With this version is nothing like this happens. The best option - work with external power supply.

Download the file Part One
Download the file Part Two
Download the file Part Three
Download the file Part Four
Download the file Part Five
Download the file Part Six

Super-G Stunt v1.2 S60v5

[JAVA]Super-G Stunt v1.2 S60v5
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6]Games
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

Super-G Stunt is easier aerobatics from studio OmniGSoft. In game it is necessary to you, operating sports plane to fly by through a special gate in the sky, a circle behind circle in a pursuit of the best result. Forward for a steering wheel!

Download to PC Clickshere

3D Dynamics Hertz Smasher V1.00(0)S60V5

[JAVA]3D Dynamics Hertz Smasher V1.00(0)(S60 V5 360x640) ML
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6]Games
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

When you're trapped in a never ending dream of demons glass, shout! Destroy your enemies with your powerful voice! Transform them into a pile of color to climb even higher, or you do not wake up anymore

Download to PC Clickshere

HandyGames My Model Train Gold 1.00(0)S60V5

[JAVA]HandyGames My Model Train Gold 1.00(0)(S60 V5 360X640) Eng
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6]Games
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

Help your steam train through brightly colored landscapes and solve intricate situations!

Download to PC Clickshere

Skydiving Challenge 1.00(14)S60v5

[JAVA]Skydiving Challenge 1.00(14)S60v5
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6]Games
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

Are you a daredevil parachutist, traveling the world and challenge opponents. Jumps from dizzy heights in a race to the earth, does' tricks and dodges obstacles in the air. Play over 40 exciting levels of the career mode. Test your survival mode unlimited Free fall. Thrown into an emotional free fall to win and win fans with Extreme Skydiving

Download to PC Clickshere

HongDi Technology DuDu Recorder v5.50 S60v5

[SYMBIAN]HongDi Technology DuDu Recorder v5.50 S60v5 SymbianOS 9.4 Signed incl. Serial
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

DuDu is a Call Recorder for Symbian S60 phones. This application is easy to
use, while retaining all of the features you'll ever need. DuDu uses super memory light AMR format, so you can literally record thousands of hours of calls on memory cards. You can browse, sort, delete and transfer all the phone calls with ease.

Key features:

● Automatic recording of phone calls
● Unlimited Recording Time
● Support recording in AMR formats
● Support recording to internal memory or directly to memory card
● Operate in background mode or/and user interactive mode
● Always ready to accept hotkeys
● Easy to manage/browse the details of all recorded clips such as caller id, duration, timestamp.
● Sort recorded clip by timestamp, phone number or person's name
● Protects important conversations
● Easy to retrieve the recorded voice clips using Nokia PC suite
● Automatic startup upon phone power on. You can enable/disable this through the application settings

What's new:

● "Help-Update" can check and upgrade to lastest version automatically.
● Support the hotkey of Qwerty Phone (E6X, E7X, E5-00, E6-00, etc).
● File format changed from AMR to WAV when recording your mem

Download to PC Clickshere

Telekonnectors Quietalk v1.5 S60v5

[SYMBIAN]Telekonnectors Quietalk v1.5 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Signed
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

When you are in a meeting or a concert where you cannot talk, type in your message and Quietalk speaks it for you: Your caller hears what you have typed in. If you have a pre-recorded message, click on it to play it during your call. Or click on a template to play that. Choose from multiple voices. You can configure the application to suit your needs using its simplified user interface. Quietalk is also useful for those who have a difficulty in speaking.

Using Quietalk during call:

● During a call click the Quietalk symbol on top of the user interface to launch the application.
● Once the application is launched, click the Hide option to go back to your call.
● You have the option to a play predefined audio or you can use TypeTalk to reply to your call using text you type in.

Recording audio message:

● Click the 'Record' button to record your message.
● Save it by providing a file name.
● This file will now be listed on your home screen.

Using Typetalk:

● Open TypeTalk.
● Type the text and click on 'Add to List' to add the message to the recent history.
● During a call, open Quietalk and go to TypeTalk.
● Now you can directly type the message click 'Say' to play the message into the call.
● Or you can double click on the recent item and click on 'Say' to play

Speech Settings:

● In Typetalk you can use different speech packages installed in your phone for playback during call.
● Go to TypeTalk, Click 'More' button and choose 'Speech Settings' .
● Browse through the language and voices. Click 'Play Voice' to play a demo of the voice.
● To save your seeting , Click 'Save'. You can also change Speech setting during a call.

Welcome message:

● You can create a welcome message that would be played as soon as the call is answered.
● Select a saved file from your home screen and click 'Toggle welcome message' to set it as your welcome message.
● During a call click on the Quietalk icon to play the welcome message.
● Use the same option to remove a welcome message that was set previously.

Configuring storage location:

● Click 'Settings' to provide the location for storing your files.

Download to PC Clickshere

Kinoni EpocCam Pro v1.03(0) S60v3 v5 S^3

[SYMBIAN]Kinoni EpocCam Pro v1.03(0) S60v3 v5 S^3 Signed Retail
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]
Symbian OS 9.1/9.2/9.3 (3250,5500,E50,E60,E61,E90,N71,N73,N80,N82,N91,N92,N93,N95,N85,N96) Apps

SIS Version: 1.03(0) - SIGNED
EXE Version: 2.0

Run Program on windows 7download below

EpocCam Pro transforms your phone into High Definition webcam. Experience the best quality HD video. Compatible with Skype, MSN Live Messenger, YouTube and many other applications. Always carry webcam with you while traveling. Save money and environment. Requires PC running Microsoft Windows XP or newer (Support 64-Bit OS). Note: Connect your phone to PC/Laptop in Ovi Suite Mode.

Supported Resolution:
*320x240 *352x288 *640x480 *720x480 *720x576 *HD720p

Transform your phone into High Definition webcam compatible with Skype, Windows Live Messenger, YouTube and many other applications


Download to PC Clickshere

(To Install PC)

Download to PC Clickshere

Governor of Poker v0.2.4 360x640 S60v5

[JAVA]Governor of Poker v0.2.4 360x640 S60v5
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

Set in wild subject matter of the Wild West, the more poker combinations, at hand games and tournaments you win, the more your capacity to buy the property and to increase your reputation in city. The better your reputation, the is more than games you will play. Buy buildings, move from city up to city.

Download to PC Clickshere

SajiFS Launcher Full Screen Flash Lite Content Launcher

[SYMBIAN]SajiFS Launcher Full Screen Flash Lite Content Launcher
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]
Symbian OS 9.1/9.2/9.3 (3250,5500,E50,E60,E61,E90,N71,N73,N80,N82,N91,N92,N93,N95,N85,N96) Apps

After SajiOS , here is a new application by Sajid. Read below for details

FS Launcher is an end-user as well as developer freeware solution to play/test PC mouse based flash games in full screen with a close button without modifying the source of the game. It can launch the swf files in two resolution i.e streched & normal. It is developed using Symbian C++ & Flash Lite.

Compatibility :
- Symbian 5th Edition phones only (FL 3.0)
How to get started with FS Launcher:
- Install the provided fslauncher sis file .
- Save your swf files to C:\data\others or e:\others (default direcotories for saving swf files)
- Open FS Launcher , browse saved swf files and play them.
Features :
- supports potrait and landscape mode.
- provide 2 resolutions for launching swf files i.e streched & normal.
- Symbian C++ and Flash Lite powered.
- Can browse only C:\data\others\ + subdirectories and E:\others\ + subdirectories.
- Easy to install and play with.
- Can launch many of Flash 8 PC games successfully.

Download to PC Clickshere

For Flash Games download below

1) Flash Game Big Money 
2) Flash Game Gold Miner
3) Flash Game Cupid
4) Flash Game Bejeweled
5) Flash Game Lines

Down The Hill v1.0 S60v5^3

[JAVA]Down The Hill v1.0 360x640
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6]Games
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

The carriage slides from mountain on the big speed and our problem to rescue passengers by avoidance of impacts of the carriage with obstacles meeting on a way. In the help bonuses are provided to us, which else it is necessary to have time to take. With each impact of passengers decreases, when them there is no at all a game comes to an end. It was pleasant to whom - it is taken away and we try to rescue unfortunate passengers.

Download to PC Clickshere

Music Touch v1.0 S60v5^3

[SYMBIAN]Music Touch v1.0 S60v5^3
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

A clean, simple music player with a beautiful interface will make you want to listen to your music all day long. Switch between your music and the controls with a single swipe, set the volume with just a tap.

Download to PC Clickshere

Unpack, Edit and Sign SiS / SiSx Files via SIS Contents v1.72

[SYMBIAN]Unpack, Edit and Sign SiS / SiSx Files via SIS Contents v1.72
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

SISContents - Unpacking, editing and signing of Symbian SIS packages. SISContents is a tool that allows you to unpack, edit and sign Symbian 9 SIS packages (Nokia S60 3rd, 5th Edition and Sony Ericsson UIQ 3.x platforms are supported). It helps you to inspect the files contained in SIS package, to see certificates against which it was signed as well as to view the PKG script that describes the on-device installation process. You can also edit the contents of packages and sign them after that.

Main features of SISContents:

- read the contents and show information on SIS packages;
- unpack files from SIS packages;
- extract embedded components of packages as sis files (including certificates and signatures);
- view and save installation PKG script;
- sign packages, show information on certificates (validity period, issuer, subject, etc.), and delete them from package;
- edit package: modification of name, vendor, version, type of installation, supported platforms (devices), software dependencies, options is available. You can also add, replace and delete files/components containing in a package and change capabilities, UID3, SID of executables (i.e. exe, dll, ldd, etc.);
- read the contents and unpack files from N-Gage packages;
- extract and edit contents of mif files embedded in sis packages;
- view, extract images from and edit multibitmap (mbm) files embedded in sis packages;
- modify themes for S60 platform.

Compatibility: Windows XP/2003 Server/Vista/2008 Server/Windows 7

Release date: 18.06.2011

Filename: Sis_contents.zip

Download to PC Clickshere
Direct Alternatehere
Mirror download here

Dorian Epub reader v0.04(4) S^3 Signed

[SYMBIAN]Dorian Epub reader v0.04(4) S^3 Signed
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

I just found an Epub reader for my N8. Tested and it's working !

Dorian is an e-book reader for EPUB format books. Its key features are:

* Easy book reading, navigating book contents with touch or volume keys
* Organizing books into library
* Importing local books
* Searching and downloading books from the Internet
* Chapter navigation
* Bookmarks with notes
* Multiple color and font styles
* Portrait and landscape modes
* Full screen reading

Download to PC Clickshere

LanternSoft BrightnessControl v1.00 S^3

[SYMBIAN]LanternSoft BrightnessControl v1.00 S^3 SymbianOS^3 Signed
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

This app doesn't affect the battery life at all. You have to adjust the brightness at level 4, because on maximum level there is a chance the screen can get overwhelmed

Download to PC Clickshere

Breakdesing World of Rabbit 1.00(0) Signed S^3

[SYMBIAN]Breakdesing World of Rabbit 1.00(0) Signed Eng S^3
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6]Games
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

For centuries the area was ruled by robots, but deep underground continua.Benvenuti life in the world of rabbits! Embark on a mission that will take you through many worlds misteriosi.Padroneggiare the 3 epic gameplay will give you access to many new features ! Use the rabbit custom phone to make new friends, synchronize your scores and become part of the revolution in the ground rabbit!


Download to PC Clickshere

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