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Celeris.Virtual.Pool.Mobile.v1.79. S60v3.SymbianOS9 .1

S60v3.SymbianOS9 .1

Best game ever !highly recommended by fishballnice

Rack ''em up, road warriors. Virtual Pool, the world''s best selling 3D pool simulation, has finally gone mobile.

Version: 1.79
Last Updated: 6/19/2007
Minimum Requirements: 2 MB Available RAM, 4 MB Storage

The Ultimate 3D Pool Simulation Goes Mobile
Virtual Pool Mobile is the way to take Virtual Pool on the road. You get Virtual Pool physics, 3D graphics, computer adversaries and even a career mode. Play it on your windows smartphone.
So real that we guarantee it will improve your real pool game!

Hit the Road
Career mode starts you out as a rookie in the Garage. You're not alone, because Curly, the ultimate road player is there to guide you.
Work your way through 6 different pool rooms by beating the Room Boss and earning enough cash to travel to the next room. Each room has a different player and table. As you progress in your career the competition gets tougher and tougher and the bets go up!
You must beat Curly in the beach house for the big money to complete your career.

Easy to Use Interface
The player interface is intuitive and a snap to use.
Aim cue by using the hat to rotate left or right.
Shoot by holding down a key to pull cue back then release to shoot.
Control shot speed by how far back you pull the cue.

Computer Opponents
The VP Mobile computer adversaries know how to play pool! The better players can really stroke it, but luckily for you, the poor players are not any better than the sucker at your local bar. There are 128 computer opponents of varying skill levels, so you'll always have somebody to play.

Virtual Pool is famous for its physics that give you unmatched playing experiences. Pool balls move and react just like on a real pool table. You won't find a better pool simulation on a

Quick Play
Set up and play your buddies or a computer opponent at any one of 6 different pool rooms. You get to choose! Play any skill level of computer opponent, from sucker to pool shark.

Download to PC file


  1. I am always connect with friends through blogger.nice post Thanks for Sharing
    More templates easy to download

  2. How can I play this game?
    I installed the game ans then played it.. then the menu screen appears.. then menu controls screen appears.. and it said press button to NEXT.. I have pressed every CM of my screen and even all buttons but can't move forward to that screen.. plz help me.. plz.. I have NOKIA5800XM

  3. So happy the shop is open!! Got some lovely things that sound great-thanks so much!


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