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Python for S60 1.9.6 nokia symbian

Python for S60 1.9.6 is now released.

This release runs on S60 3rd edition, S60 3rd edition FP1, S60 3rd edition FP2 and S60 5th edition devices.

The release includes:
- Installer for Windows platform that includes
----- Getting started guide
----- Nocs signed PyS60 runtime sis which will work on S60 3rdEd, 3rdEdFP1, 3rdEdFP2 and 5thEd devices.
----- Two Nocs signed default capability set PythonScriptShell sis files.
----- Nocs signed high capas PythonScriptShell sis. This sis file comes with higher capabilities than self signed (SwEvent, WriteDeviceData, ReadDeviceData)
----- Unsigned developer certificate PythonScriptShell sis. This sis file can be used for Symbian signing.
----- Application packaging tool with GUI and README
----- Python HTML documentation updated with S60 module reference
- Separate SDK zips for 3rdEdFP1 and 3rdEdFP2. SDK zip contains both gcce and armv5 link libraries. Python 3rdEdFP2 SDK zip will work fine on S60 3rdEd and 5thEd
- OpenC SDK plugin for 3rdEd devices. This zip file needs to be extracted on top of Python 3rdEdFP2 SDK zip to get Python working on S60 3rdEd SDK.
- Python source code
- OpenSSL source code. This source code is released just to be in complaint with the terms of LGPL licensed software. This source code is
nothing to do with PyS60 software.

What is new when compared with PyS60 1.9.5?

- Support for a virtual 4-way directional pad is added for Canvas and text
widgets. This D-Pad is displayed at the bottom of the screen and this
feauture is enabled by default on touch enabled devices. Currently, this is
supported only in the portrait mode and landscape support will be available
in a future release.
The 'full_max' mode is invalidated by this change and is removed in this

- The modules in the base runtime is more refined and hence the size of
application SIS, created using PyS60 Application Packager is reduced.

- A new chapter is added in the PyS60 documentation (Extending and Embedding
PyS60), that is an end-to-end tutorial for creating 3rd party extention
modules and distributing them.

Corrected defects:
3223 - Floating point formatting/parsing routines on this platform are imprecise
4078 - socket.access_points() returns iapid 0 for lots of entries
4106 - Problems exiting standalone apps
4185 - Calendar module returns end time with time zone offset added to Unix time
4186 - Using rollback in calendar module returns error
4198 - Screen orientation remains landscape after exit, while device was
portrait all the time
4215 - default.py cannot load .pyc files
4216 - sys.exit() doesn't exit Python


v1.9.6 - Python for S60 Runtime and Script Shell - S60 3rd/5th Edition

v1.9.6 - Python for S60 SDK - S60 3rd Edition

v1.9.6 - Python for S60 SDK - S60 3rd Edition, FP1

v1.9.6 - Python for S60 SDK - S60 3rd Edition, FP2

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