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Office Dares v1.0 nokia S60v5 J2ME

Office Dares v1.0 nokia S60v5 J2ME
Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games

Take time out from your hectic daily lifestyle and absorb yourself in Office Dares. Let this witty and comical application ease your work-related stress, improve relationships with your colleagues and relax at work!
Your boss has decided to fire you and you have two weeks to get your revenge and run the company into bankruptcy!
The main aim of the game is to eliminate the seven key employees in the company. Choose colleagues to play hilarious pranks on, working on getting rid of them one-by-one. Each colleague has a different position in the company ranging from the janitor to CEO! The game ensures you engage in witty banter along the way.
There are three comical mini games to entertain your along the way: office paintball, seek and hide and unscramble.
Want to know what's a bad excuse and a really bad excuse at work?! Get the low-down on worst excuses around and stress relief in the workplace.
The stress bar measures your character prank performance - so what are you waiting for? Get pranking!
Directional keys to navigate

Download to PC clickshere (392kb)

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