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Revival Deluxe S60v5 nokia n97/n5800

Nokia OS9.4 (s60v5) [5800 / N97] Games

Revival Deluxe S60v5

Revival Deluxe is a colossal and tremendous adventure where you play the main role - you create the history of the world! Powerful empires are created from scratch there, prosperous states are falling down suddenly, the science degrades and rises again, fierce wars never end, running into milliards capitals are earned and lost in the twinkling of an eye. Here you can truly enjoy the absolute power, endure the eternal battle for a place in the sun. Everyone will find there amusement suitable to his own taste: you can explore huge continents and even whole planets, build towns, develop the science and study new technologies, maintain the economic balance and start a bloody expansion to capture the Universe. Who will you be - the invincible general or the inborn diplomat, the talented economist or the smart politician? You can choose your destiny.

Revival Deluxe - for how many years will you make savage barbarians to construct a spaceship?

Game features:

* Game designed in the best traditions of Sid Meier's "Civilization"
* New improved graphics and music
* Immense game space for war or peaceful development 10 planets and 34 continents
* The widest tactical variety: 4 types of town, 21 types of military unit, 25 types of town building, 27 types of terrain
* Scenario campaign consists of new 9 main missions with 40 intermediate missions
* All the features of turn-based strategy are included: mining resources, building of towns and development of science, land and sea battles, experience and upgrades
* Excellent artificial intellect, adjustable difficulty level, up to 7 non-player opponents

Download to PC clickshere

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