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SPB Online Games v1.2.6035 S60v5/S^3

[SYMBIAN] SPB Online Games v1.2.6035 S60v5/S^3 SymbianOS9.x UnSigned
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6]Games
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

Join one of the largest mobile online game communities with SPB Online Games, and play English Checkers, Russian Checkers, Hexagon and Reversi with real people in real time.
SPB Online Games Features:

* Two types of Checkers, Hexagon and Reversi
* Play with real people
* Easy to play casual games
* No configuration Ч just play
* User profile with pictures
* Multilingual chat


# Four famous multiplayer games on your phone: English Checkers - classic checkers with easy rules, requires strategic skills
# Russian checkers - - modified rules, more dynamic and entertaining
# Hexagon - a simple but very addictive strategic game
# Reversi - a famous game with unique strategy and addictive gameplay
# Three levels of difficulty: Novice, Amateur, and Expert
# A user can quit any game and resume it from the same point later

Chat Integrated Multilingual Chat

# Online chat to communicate with your partners
# Talk live or use predefined phrases to communicate with foreign language speaking players

SPB Online Games Play easy games with real people

# No authorization or registration required - just open and play
# Quick start guaranteed
# Change your profile name and choose one of 34 userpics

Download to PC Clickshere

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